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Date du début: 30 nov. 2010, Date de fin: 30 oct. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Szeged with its population of 162 thousand people (the population of the part of city, Szőreg is nearly 40 000 people) is the capital city of the Csongrád County. Novi Knezevac (7300 inhabitants) is the closest significant township in the Serbian territory. The two townships are more than 25 kilometers far away of each other. There are two smaller villages on both sides: Újszentiván (1500 inhabitants) and Tiszasziget (1650 inhabitants), furthermore Dala (1000 inhabitants) and Sprski Krstur (1600 inhabitants). The efforts for integration of small regions made impetus to the need for the development of the infrastructure significantly improving the links between the townships and for the construction of the bike road. There are no Community traffic roads across the border, furthermore there are only fewer vehicles and the main mean of transport is the bike. That is the reason that the bike road built in the proper length is missed. Despite of this no bike road was built.We regard as the most important target group the local population and also the group of the bike tourists and the ones being interested in the sport and leisure time use. The objectives of the project are classified into more parts:(1) the users using the road in the course of their every day activity may run in a safer way(2) by the environment friendly transportation the ones using the road contribute to the decrease of air pollution (3) they may reach their target being 5-15 kilometers without any wait and in a faster way (4) the bike riders may have a healthier life style.(5) by the participation in the events linked to the organized programs the inhabitants of the two populations (and the minorities) may get closer to each other and may get to know each others culture and values much better. Achievements: The first phase of the bicycle road has been elaborated in frames of this project. The partnership implements two further sections between Szeged and Novi Knezevac.



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