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Systems Biology of Mitosis (MitoSys)
Date du début: 1 juin 2010, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"MitoSys will generate a comprehensive mathematical understanding of mitotic division in human cells, a process of fundamental importance for human health. To create the critical mass and multidisciplinarity that is needed to achieve this ambitious goal, internationally leading mathematicians, biochemists/biophysicists and biologists working at twelve universities, research institutes, international organizations and companies in eight different European countries will collaborate. Mathematicians will focus on four biological modules that represent the most important aspects of the mitotic cell division process; (i) spindle assembly, (ii) the spindle assembly checkpoint and kinetochores, (iii) segregation of mitotic chromosomes and (iv) mitotic exit. Computational models of these separate modules will be integrated into a comprehensive model of mitosis that combines these steps of mitosis with regulation by protein kinases and ubiquitin ligases. To be able to achieve these tasks, the modellers will be supported by biologists and physicists who will use microscopic imaging, biochemistry, biophysics, single-molecule techniques and proteomics to generate kinetic and other quantitative data suitable for model building. To evaluate the relevance of the mathematical models for human health and disease, other biologists will subject selected key predictions from these models to rigorous in-vivo tests by using conditional ""knock-out"" mice. MitoSys will compile and disseminate its own data and models, but also datasets from public sources, in a web-database, which will serve as a systems biology resource for the scientific community. To train other scientists in systems biology, MitoSys will organize a practical workshop on mathematical modelling. Finally, MitoSys will inform the general public about systems biology of mitosis and its relevance to health and disease by organizing an exhibition, which will be displayed in several European cities."



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