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SYnergy of New Advanced/Adapted Public Transport Solutions Improving Connectivity in the NWE region (SYNAPTIC)
Date du début: 9 sept. 2010, Date de fin: 29 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background: On 12 May 2009 at the BAPTS Launch Event in Bielefeld. Germany. BAPTS and two further public transport projects from the NWE programme signed a "Joint Declaration for Sustainable Mobility". These three projects. BAPTS. ROCK and ICMA agreed that they would work together to promote the vision of effective and well-connected public transport within NWE and to cooperate with other projects and initiatives. With SINTROPHER. a further NWE project. a cluster partnership has been formulated to this effect. The four projects together encompass a complete chain of sustainable door-to-door mobility. Expected achievements: Based on the expertise of the participating projects and the intensive dialogue with relevant stakeholders during the cluster implementation. the cluster consortium expects to set up NWE Master Plan for seamless sustainable mobility with policy recommendations. describing as concrete imagery as possible of how seamless and integrated networks would look and work. Also. from this Master Plan. concrete project ideas will be generated. later to be funded through available financing instruments. Cluster cooperation intends to impact the content development of the connectivity priority of the upcoming Operational Programme so that in the next programming period there will be a framework for projects that really make mobility chains as seamless as possible. from air travel to walking. creating a network of hubs and connections. on all levels of scale. Achievements: MAP 2030 (Seamless Mobility Action Plan for 2030) presents recommendations for policy changes and investment initiatives at EU, national and regional levels. They will help build a system of seamless door-to-door journeys in the North West Europe (NWE) region, focused on the needs of the individual traveller.S-MAP 2030 sets out a vision and guiding principles that will help achieve a radical improvement in daily door-to-door journeys in NWE by 2030 by identifying opportunities (development potentials) and market barriers (crunch points) that need to be unlocked to facilitate seamless journeys.S-MAP 2030 is based on an analysis of journeys completed in the NWE region in 2012, on expert reviews of current European good practice, on consultations with industry and passegnerorgansiations and round table seminars involving representatives of representatives of the European Commssion. Detailed Findings are available upon request (S-MAP 2030 Technical Report, November 2012; S-MAP 2030 Technical Report of NWE Journey Audits, November 2012).Published in 12/2012 , feedback from numerous key mobility stakeholders in North-West Europe has led to futher elaborating short and long-term recommendations of this S-MAP 2030 Action Plan towards policy makers and stakeholders at all levels whose decisions and actions can alone make it happen.Download screen version Download print versionOverview on Roundtable eventsRound Table 4, dedicated to share and discuss S-MAP 2030 recommendations with selected European experts and agencies in the field of transport policy and programmes hosted by the sintropher Interreg IVB NWE project, Brussels, 12th April 2013 | Full programmeDonwload: Inputs by EC /DG MOVE by Dr. Marcel Rommerts| The 2011 Transport White Paper & by Rütger Fenkes, TPA TSI project leader | TAP TSI -Making Seamless Mobility a RealityRound Table 3, dedicated to What can we learn from adjoining industries and sectors (car, logistics, airline) that can facilitate a seamless and attractive travel experience for the multi-modal passenger journey of the future? hosted by the RoCK Interreg IVB NWE project, Brussels, 30th January 2013 | Full programmeSynthesis Report of Round Table 3 by Henk Kok and the SYNAPTIC Synthesis on Integrated Ticketing by Gösta Weber, RocK Interreg IVB NWE ProjectRound Table 2 dedicated to Seamless Mobility of an Ageing Populationhosted by the ICMA Amobilife Interreg IVB NWE project, Genk, 13th March 2012 | Synthesis Report by Stuart MurrayRound Table 1 (SYNAPTIC Launch Event dedicated to SYNAPTIC Declaration),hosted by the BAPTS Interreg IVB NWE project, Liège, 9th June 2011 | SYNAPTIC DeclarationTransnational Travel Audit focusses on the balance between instrumental factors (practical aspects, such as cost, schedules etc.) and affective factors (emotions influenced by travelling) on the journey experience. Outcomes supported policy recommendations for improving transport from the travellers perspective.Synthesis Final Results: The seamless public transport journey – instrumental and affectiveSynaptic Travel awards for excellence in seamless mobility 2012-13SYNAPTIC Awards for Excellence in Seamless Mobility – Announcing the winners for 2013Synaptic Awards Entries 2012



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