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Synergy in Learning & Cooperation
Date du début: 6 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 5 mai 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Demographical developments (lower birth rates and population aging) and migration (both within and from outside the EU) rapidly increases the generational and cultural diversity of the workforce. As a result, the strategies, measures and trainings tackling diversity, which have been so far of interest particular to the large international organisations, are now needed for Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises and Organisations (both public and NGOs) (=MSM E&Os) as well. If not well managed the innovative power of this diversity stays behind and many issues are likely to appear: lack of engagement, exclusion, lack of innovation, miscommunication etc. However, the MSM E&Os do not have sufficient resources in place (in contrast to large companies with financial and HR potential to develop full scale diversity policies). Moreover the open offer leadership courses for operational leaders do not include this diversity as a topic. The Synergy in Learning and Cooperation (SiLC) project responds to the needs of MSM E&Os whose team leaders do not know how to cope with the increased diversity and how to turn it into a benefit. They need to strengthen their own and team members’ leadership skills and competences to keep their organisations innovative, efficient and competitive. The objectives of the project are to: a) provide MSM E&Os team leaders with a handbook and toolbox suitable to use learning-on-the-job activities and a bottom-up approach to embrace and utilize diversity in their team b) equip adult educators (facilitators, trainers, coaches) with tools and training to support the MSM E&Os team leaders develop diversity competencies. The project will develop and test the following outputs: • Ready to use toolbox with practical tools and instruction to be used by team leaders at the workplace. • Handbook (standalone) for team leaders. • Curriculum for education facilitators Developing Competences for Leadership of Generation and Culture Diverse Teams in MSM E&Os: “a portable mini-curriculum”. • Handbook (standalone) for facilitators of leadership development.The outputs will be disseminated, among others, also by a series of national multiplier events which every partner organises in their country. In addition, the one short-term joint staff training event will be organised during the project to test and further improve the tools. The results of the project will include predominantly the intellectual outputs, dissemination related outputs (such as newsletters) and training, management and multiplier events held. In terms of impact among the target group, SiLC seeks to contribute to the employment of the abovementioned groups disadvantaged on the labour market as better training/learning opportunities for MSM E&Os and improved team leaders competences will contribute to the recruitment of people of different generational and cultural background. The innovative power of multigenerational/ cultural teams will be released which serves the society as a whole.The project will take place during 32 months and the dissemination of SiLC will continue for at least two years after the project’s life span. Research will be done to feet the intellectual outputs, testing of the IOs will take place in the daily work of the partners and also during a short term staff training event.We will work in an Agile project management way whereas the IO development is done by SAM instructional design. In this way the needs of the target audience and the timelines will be met. Along the way the IOs will be gradually embedded in the daily work of the partners.The 7 partners are all active in the field of adult learning/VET but are from different sectors: private, public and NGOs. They represent the MSM E&Os ourselves and also the intergenerational and intercultural team. Their situation is partly similar and with the different expertise they want to create a solution which is easily to adapt to their local situations. By cooperating in the project they learn each others cultures which forms part of the solution. They all want to support team leaders and facilitators through SiLC and will use their extensive network to create the rippling effect of the results.All intellectual outputs created during the project are freely accessible at the project website and EU platforms.



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