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Syncro EVS Waves
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Syncro EVS Waves was a long-term EVS project that happened in the city of Zagreb, Croatia from 1st September 2014 until 31st August 2015. The volunteers involved in this project were young people aged 23 to 28 coming from Latvia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. These volunteers are a part of the so-called Generation Y, a generation that is confronted with a slowly changing educational system that takes a long time to finish, and a job marked that is changing abruptly and where having a degree is no more a guarantee of success. During their year of European Voluntary Service, the volunteers were involved in the following activities: supporting local young people in getting information about educational and mobility opportunities, preparing them for such projects and evaluating their learning and experiences. The volunteers were in charge of organising a youth club, a space for young people to learn, share ideas and meet new people; they were also involved in improving the interactions in the local community, promoting youth mobility projects in various events and places, and they have supported Syncro in coordinating and implementing the local projects we had at that time. Last but not least, they created their own personal projects with the aim of increasing the quality of life in the local community. The outcomes and the impact of this project is a long-lasting one. Through the project we have created small waves of impact in the local community supporting 42 young people from Croatia to participate in 12 youth mobility projects, preparing them and evaluating their experience, supporting around 130 people from all over Europe to come to Croatia and participate in similar projects, informing more than a 1000 locals about similar opportunities for youth (from Facebook, presentations to events they held), involving more than 500 people in improving the quality of life in Zagreb by organizing small artistic and socially engaged events, and supporting around 500 young people to join events created for them for free as a space to learn something new, meet new people and spend their time in a meaningful way. The project has also promoted non-formal education, and it had a great impact on all of the involved volunteers and organisation; we have established better connections, and created new projects together. After the activity, our Romanian volunteer has created and built up her own NGO, our Bulgarian and Ukrainian volunteers have joined other organisations as youth workers, and our Spanish volunteer has gathered a group of young people to continue working in this field. Having these results in mind the potential long-term benefits are reflected through the numbers of young people who got actively involved in improving their communities. Setting up these organisations, or joining existing ones will make sure the knowledge that the volunteers got during their EVS is spread around for the benefit of many more young people.


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