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"SYCAS" Start Your Career At School -Young Entrepreneurs: learning to create and innovate your own career
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "SYCAS" Start Your Career At School - Young entrepreneurs : learning to create and innovate your own career deals with the wide variety of opportunities young people in Europe have for their future and their careers after finishing school. At present, young people living in Europe have many different opportunities to organize their lives and to realize their wishes and plans for the future. Nevertheless, they do not always accomplish their ideas. At school chances are often missed to put students´ ideas of the furutre world of work in concrete terms. Therefor, as ists essentrial goal, the project "SYCAS" Start Your Career At School aims at the purposeful and active preparation of students for their lives after school. Taking the expactations and the opportunities for the future education after schoo as a starting point and judging the aims of life of young people; subject matters, syllabi, as well as projects and activities at school will be recorded and it will be evaluated to what extent they meet these requirements. In the exchange of experiences with the partner schools from Poland, Italy, Finland, Greece and the Republic of Ireland we are expecting the comparison of practical experience, discussions and the developpment of new ideas. The central methodology is based on the principle `students teach students`. Thus, sutdents become active in recording offers and demands as well as the preparation for their further education at school, so that they can inform their class mates and their partners of the participating schools about their findings. We are striving for full information about chances in training and education in Europe. The results are prepared and mediated by students for students. Students are expected to concern themselves more self-confident, motivated and competent with their future in Europe. In the long term this project should help to establish and extend close collaboration with training centers, firms, as well as etrepreneurs in the regions of the participating schools. The results, findings and methods of the project will be adapted and presented on the internet, so that learners and teachers of the partner schools can gain benefit from the research.



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