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Światły nauczyciel podstawą zawodowego sukcesu ucznia
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school is a small-sized rural school which is made up of a primary school and lower secondary school. It was decided to join a project with the title ”An open-minded teacher is a key student’s professional success”. The main aim of the entire project was to enhance language and methodological competence of the teachers who participated in the mobilities and to change it in students' educational success. It was intended to be a key point in their future job prospects and their competing on the labour market, both on the domestic one and the European one. Another objective of the project was to provide a wider range of school subjects on offer which was aimed at halting dropping out of school before graduation. These objectives were to be achieved by implementing certain definitive actions which were listed in the project work. The main action within the project was taking up an A1 action mobility in a teacher training language and methodology course. Three teachers were about to take part in a 14-day course in language course. They are experienced teachers of English and German and another one is a head teacher who also works as a school pedagogical therapist. The teachers were selected as those who would achieve the main project goals in the most effective way. In the project, they were responsible for coordination of the project course, its evaluation and monitoring, as well as for its promotion.This key mobility action played a significant role in the accomplishment of the project work within the school itself. The strategic point here was to put the teacher’s language skills into the students’ success. The main target of the school in this area was to obtain a teacher who will “infest” these young people with his ambition, open-mindedness and his being curious about the world around. It aided in making English and German language classes much more interesting which certainly prevents young people from playing truants. The teachers' mobility was aimed at maintaining high standard realization of some projects which started, like e-Twinning cooperative project with a partner French school and the innovative approach to teaching foreign languages project implemented two years ago. Furthermore the school planned to run a European Club course, one hour a week. This course was very popular among students. Applying such an approach helped students learn much more about the European Union itself as well as it made them more aware of different European cultures and it triggered their curiosity about different nations and races. Students’ participation in the European Club course also helped in improving their English language skills, since the class was run in English as a working language. Additionally a new eTwinning project was done in German. As for a long-lasting objective, we fostered some partnership links with some other European schools for doing a future project in strategic partnerships in the field of education. The other form of a long-standing results was that the students can alway rely on the language skills and knowledge they grabbed while taking part actively in the school project. Another key aspect was the school promotion while representing it in the international arena. Our school gained prestige and had status. Also lots of other teachers within our school were involved in the project work. Their contribiution was great and essential. Doing the project the main focus was on its being run on a high quality level to use the grant effectively. To ensure this, a complex tool model was applied to evaluate its management with such tools used as questionnaires, project documentation analysis and numerous observations. However, the future will only tell if the actions taken up while doing the project prove its effectiveness. It is only when a young man finds himself/herself on labour market, either on the European one, or domestic, and then he/she will appreciate and assess the project work utility and its benefits. Then, our student will see that his/her first-stage school played such a significant role in his/her future success and professional career. On every stage of the project its results were presented. During the project living process several staff meetings were organized, also including teachers from nearby local schools. Those meetings were arranged mainly for the project promotion purposes. All the results of coming out of the project were published online on our school website. The project results were also given out to the local public through the local newspapers. But the final promotion was done during our School Projects’ Festival. Now we can surely state the the project done in our school was a great success and adventure both for the sudents and for the teachers involved.