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Svet v naših rokah
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Svet v naših rokah (The world in our hands) is a two-year mobility project for preschool education students of Srednja vzgojiteljska šola in gimnazija Ljubljana. As a school, we are focused on developing independence, critical thinking, responsible behavior, tolerance and mutual respect. With our preschool education program we provide quality education to future assistant kindergarten teachers. Our goals are not only focused on achieving measurable skills, but also on contributing to the students’ development to become mature and responsible professionals. The goals are also to help them become qualified, creative, flexible and willing to do varied work in kindergarten as well as looking forward to further professional development. With this project we would like to offer diverse experience in the area of expertise to 3rd year students, 32 of them in all and to enrich their professional competence, all with the help of international mobility. Project Svet v naših rokah (The world in our hands) is composed of two parts – the substantive part and the practical part which is the mobility. The substantive part of the project covers the organization of a sign language course for students of 2nd and 3rd year preschool education program, the familiarization with different organizational systems of preschool education abroad, aquiring the competences for getting a job and the acquisition of knowledge in the field of planning objectives and monitoring the progress of children. The acquired knowledge and skills will be integrated into a 14-day practical training in kindergartens in Leeds, England. The project will consolidate international contacts, create new learning pathways and enter the European awareness in school activities. With the knowledge acquired and with emphasis on character communication in the preschool period, we would like to encourage broad linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness, thereby contributing to the acquisition of key competences needed for a successful life and career for our students (communication skills, interpersonal and social skills, cultural awareness and expression). The direct effects of the project the students are expected to aquire are the ability to understand the dynamics of a group of children from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds as well as the ability to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in school to the work area. It is known that the ability to identify and understand the physical and the emotional needs of the children who are in a foreign language environment as well as the use of sign language tools reduce the stress that children experience in integrated kindergartens. The long-term effect that we want to achieve in this project is to extend the promotion of broad linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness along with raising awareness of the importance of sign communication with children. To achieve these effects we will pursue our dissemination activities which will be directed to the following target groups: students of preschool education programs; teachers in school; early childcare educators in kindergartens and parents of preschool children.



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