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Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Inspired by our previous experience in the Youth in Action Programme, working on the quality of EVS, Associazione Joint designed this seminar with the title of "EVS - Sharing Volunteerism 's Experience": it will take part in Rimini, Italy, next November. 21 participants from Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, France, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Estonia, the Netherlands and Romania and 2 trainers, for a total of 23 participants, will participate in this 5 days seminar. The main themes are: European Voluntary Service, quality of EVS projects and EVS in Erasmus Plus . We want to meet face to face our partners and to create a network among ourselves, involving new associations in our network. We want to design a work plan shared among all partners under Erasmus + programme, promoting a deep knowledgeone another. Our aim is to improve communication and mutual trust , sharing best practices and methodologies and facilitating the implementation of common strategies for solving problems. We want to increase volunteers' skills in order to facilitate their entry into labor market, after the evaluation of EVS past projects. This project will be a possibility for improving partnerships based on knowledge, trust and responsibility. Participants will have the opportunity to compere themselves with other youth workers. This seminar will be a professional growth for all. Concerning skills, participants're going to improve their knowledge about possibilities offered by EVS under Erasmus +, about workflow, about partnership and learning agreement, about all the aspects of bureaucratic, managerial, possible problems present in the EVS and possible response strategies and finally about new methodologies used in education on volunteers. The activities will be based on non-formal education's methods, such as workshops, simulations and role plays, facilitated discussions, games such as name games, teambuilding activities and self reflaction. Crucial will be the creation of a toolkit. It will be composed by an ultimate workflow and by two ultimate learning and partnership agreement. This toolkit will be available to all organizations, not just to those who attended the seminar. In fact, the toolkit will be uploaded on the websites of each organization. Our website "" has an excellent impact in Italy and it is also the reference website of RIVE (Rete Italiana Volontariato Europeo". Associazione Joint is the leader of RIVE and RIVE collect all the main italian EVS organizations. We will upload the toolkit on this website. In this way, all the italian associations could take advantage of the toolkit even if they didn't take part in the seminar. Similarly, the same process will take place in partner countries. On the long term prospective, there will be a bigger number of submitted projects, thanks to the activity Future project which will be carried out during the seminar. There will be an increasing number of quality projects.



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