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Sustainable Tourism Development at Kupiskis Lagoon (Lithuania) and Lake Luban (Latvia) (STELLA)
Date du début: 19 mars 2009, Date de fin: 20 sept. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is based on the results of the INTERREG IIIA project implemented in 2006-2008 when a common water tourism development strategy and technical documentation was prepared for the Water Tourism Development Station of Lake Luban. The municipalities of Kupiskis and Rezekne are following the created strategy, working together on a development of tourism/recreation infrastructure at Kupiskis Lagoon and Lake Luban, while local residents have the chance to open up their homes to visitors. Results of cleaning campaigns, workshops, consultations, seminars and experience exchange visits of local communities, decision-makers, NGOs and entrepreneurs facilitate a more effective management of environmental resources and development of tourism-related services. The recreational infrastructure at Kupiskis Lagoon and Lake Luban has been greatly improved with new access roads, sandy beaches, playgrounds and other facilities that have increased attractiveness of both recreational territories. There are also plans to participate in the Blue Flag program, an eco-label award to sustainably developed, safe and quality beaches. Achievements: • At the begining of the project partnership contract between Kupiskis (Lithuania) and Rezekne (Latvia) was subscribed. • Cleaning compaigns in Rezekne (Latvia) involved 51 volunteer and 103 volunteerin Kupiskis (Lithuania) that were members of communities, pupils, reprezentatives of the project partners municipalities, members of District Councils, local business mans and other participated in the cleaning compaigns. Volunteers were cleaning 8 areas around the Kupiskis Lagoon and the area where Water Tourism Centre at Luban Lake will be created.• Kupiskis District Municipality Administration organized the public procurement of the improvement of 8 recreational teritories aroud Kupiskis Lagoon, of the preparation of technical project for a bicycle road around Kupiskis Lagoon, of the purchase of baywatching equipment. • 3 one-day workshops on the following topics were organized in Kupiskis: 1) 14 January 2010, Sustainable water tourism (including Blue Flag) - 23 participants, 2 external experts; 2) 16 December 2009, Bicycle tourism and ecotourism - 22 participants, 2 external experts; 3) 4 March 2010. Cultural heritage tourism (including crafts and other intangible heritage) in Kupiskis - 20 participants, 2 external experts. • 1st issue of the project's newsletter published (4 pages, 1500 copies) in Lithuanian and distributed at schools, libraries and at other places.• Construction works of the Water Tourism Centre at Luban Lake (Rezekne, LV) are continuing.More information about the project:• Website of Kupiskis District Municipality• Website of Rezekne Local Municipality



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