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Sustainable Technologies and Research for European Aquatic Management (STREAM)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2011, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EU has invested considerable resources over the last decade to support the development of water technologies. As it often is the case with innovative technologies, there are currently few resources to pursue this process in the needed scale, and the uptake potential of water technologies and other environmental technologies resulting from EU-funded research seems limited due to insufficient awareness of their developments and the opportunities they offer. Raising awareness among researchers, policy makers, businessmen and industries, as well as the large public, young people in particular is paramount to the full exploitation of these technologies which are able to boost economic growth and social welfare.The STREAM project intends to tackle this issue by bringing water technologies to the interest of potential uptakers through a diversified series of dissemination and communication actions tailored to the needs of the different categories of stakeholders. These include Policy Seminars to be held in 3 different countries and also streamed online, a Final Symposium at the European Parliament in Brussels, 2 Summer Schools, e-learning courses, audiovisual materials, including videos and interviews, webinars for research events and participation in sectorial events. A web platform will be set up from the very start of the project serving as a repository for all its activities and for the updated documentation material on latest research and policy progress in the field of water.A group of highly qualified actors need to be involved in such an ambitious proposal to perform all variety of activities foreseen: STREAM consortium gathers partners with specific capabilities and backgrounds and established relations in the field, like specialists in water issues, experts in communicating science and carrying out innovative dissemination activities to transfer the knowledge gathered to the target audiences.



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