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Sustainable Rainwater Sewerage Management for Improved Environmental Quality of Lielupe River Basin (RAIN-WATER-MAN)
Date du début: 2 sept. 2012, Date de fin: 1 mars 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at reducing adverse environmental impacts to the Lielupe River Basin by providing sustainable rainwater management systems in border municipalities of Latvia and Lithuania. Nearly a half of the basin area is situated in Lithuania while the other half is in Latvia, and impacts of transboundary pollution are considered very significant there. Hence, it is important to take a common and coordinated approach to implementing rain water management measures on both sides of the border. The objective of the project is to improve water quality of the Lielupe River basin and to reduce flooding risks associated with rainfalls and melting snow. The sub-objectives of the project include: (i) investments to reconstruct/modernize existing rainwater sewerage management systems; (ii) development of technical projects for rainwater sewerage systems using innovative technological approaches that are reflective of sustainable rainwater sewerage management principles (iii) cross-border municipality experience exchange in planning, constructing and managing rainwater sewerage infrastructure through developing common rainwater sewerage management guidelines and making a regional precipitation study; (iv) raising environmental awareness through information seminars and training sessions. The project will be implemented by 3 regional municipalities of Latvia, 3 regional municipalities of Lithuania all located (either fully or partially)within the Lielupe River basin. Part of the projectoutputs will also be delivered by the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center. Project activities are as follows (i)reconstruction of sewerage infrastructure; (ii) devising technical projects for infrastructure; (iii) developing common guidelines for innovative and sustainable rainwater sewerage management; (iv)organizing info seminars for landowners and entrepreneurs on sustainable rainwater sewerage management; (v) making a study on precipitation trends in LRB area. Common efforts to improve rainwater sewerage management on both sides of the border will positively affect the Lielupe River basin. Common guidelines will allow other Latvian and Lithuania municipalities of the region to improve sustainability of their systems. Inhabitants of the project region will have increased environmental awareness pertaining to water quality. Expected Results: 4 seminars for landowners and enterpreneurs; 1 conference; 1 training seminar for municipality staff; 1 Study "Long-term characteristics and trends of water produced by precipitation and melting snow"; Joint Guidelines; infrastructure investments in Dobele, Biksti, Bauska, Kalnciems, Pasvalys; tehnical documentation for infrastructure investment in Akmene, Venta and Pakruojis.



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