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Sustainable mobility along the newest EuroVelo route, the Iron Curtain Trail  (Iron Curtain Trail)
Date du début: 30 sept. 2012, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In 2009, the European Parliament asked the Commission and the Member States to consider the EuroVelo- Network and Iron Curtain Trail as an opportunity for promoting European trans-border cycling infrastructure networks, supporting soft mobility and sustainable tourism?. The European Commission organised workshops to raise awareness of the ICT and awarded grants to preparatory projects to define the itinerary and develop overview action plans partly covering the SEE region. The current project is the result of this preparatory work, and fully supports the general goals of the SEE transnational programme, its third priority and improves the coordination in promoting, planning and operation for primary and secondary transportation networks. The main goals of the project are to improve the accessibility of the SEE region by bicycle, to connect European regions by a long distance cycle route, to realise opportunities for cycling and public transport connections, to promote cycling as a means of sustainable mobility and tourism and to exchange of experiences and raise awareness of cycling and public transport (PT) related developments. Activities: WP1. Project management. WP2. Project communication and dissemination WP3. Analysis and planning. Best Practices. Complete the survey of the route and the detailed transnational action plan. Feasibility study and pilot actions to improve the combined (cycling and PT) services and the route conditions. WP4. Development of sustainable mobility offers and connecting pilot activities (e.g. signposting, cycling friendly service providers' networks). WP5. Promotion and external communication. Marketing and communication plan. Development of regional soft tourism and mobility portals. Printed promotion tools and campaigns, promotional events. WP6. Exchange of experiences, know-how transfer. Organise the sustainable management of the route. Training events and study tours for stakeholders. Monitoring manual and evaluation of the project results. Intergation of cycling into regional / national policies, strategies, generation of new projects. Partnership: The West Transdanubian Regional Development Agency from Hungary leads the project, which involves 5 further RDA from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia FYROM and 8 NGO`s from Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece as beneficiaries (involving further regional and local authorities). Achievements: On December 2014 Iron Curtain Trail project reached its completion. Briefly, from its launch on February 2012, the following tasks have been accomplished:- Analysis and PlanningMethodology for analysis and planning Collection of good practices along the Iron Curtain Trail cycling routeSurvey of the Iron Curtain Trail Cycling routeDetailed Action Plan Feasibility Study to improve existing public transportation and cycling - Sustainable mobility offers Methodology for sustainable mobility offersDevelopment of transport and tourism offersImplementation of pilot activities on signposting and service networks- Communication activities addressed to the inner target group (transport / tourism services representatives, local / regional / national authorities and other relevant stakeholders)Development of inner communication planOrganisation of Half Time and Final Conference Creation of main Iron Curtain Trail project site in English language and subsites in partners national languages Conduct of Iron Curtain Trail project presentation in conferences and events Dissemination of e-newsletters in partners national languages Publish of press releases on all project activities and eventsDevelopment and dissemination of Iron Curtain Trail project leaflet in partners national languagesDevelopment and dissemination of Iron Curtain Trail project brochure in English languageImplementation of events and workshops for the dissemination of Iron Curtain Trail project - Broad Promotion and External communication activities Development of marketing and communication planDevelopment of soft tourism and mobility portals Creation and dissemination of promotional toolsOrganisation of cross border cycling tourism promotion events - Evaluation of Iron Curtain Trail project results and follow-up activitiesOrganisation of study tours and awareness raising activities addressed to national, regional and local authorities representativesDevelopment of EuroVelo Routes manual Development and implementation of internal evaluation process Conduct of lobby on national and regional level for the integration and recognition of the project Action Plan



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