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Sustainable MAnageR in TOURism Sector
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project is to develop the European tourism sector, by promoting skills of tourism professionals in the field of sustainability and quality principles, so that they are able to face the following issues: - Properly manage their facilities, by taking into account environmental protection, use of resources as well as economic development; - To understand and implement European Tourism Quality Principles, so that professionals effectively know them and learn how to make appropriate use of them during their daily decisions; - The use of cultural and environmental heritage as a driver for sustainable development and competitiveness of valuable destinations, with high tourism potential. The Tourism sector heavily impacts on the development of contemporary European society; furthermore, tourism professionals are not always best prepared to assess the impact they can make in terms of sustainable development due to low skill levels and high turnover in the sector. Target groups are professionals in the tourism sector (mainly hoteliers and accommodation providers): participants will take part in a pilot test, to inform and improve the development of the training model, before dissemination to a wider audience. The training model, which will be developed through the following activities: - Needs analysis and investigation on the state of the art, at the national level, leading to an overarching set of guidelines, based on a cross- national analysis of the cases ; - Development of training modules, based on a scientific basis, specific to tourism sector and especially to hotel hospitality; - Development of a platform (SMARTOUR GENIE tool) which will lead learners in their daily decisions, so that they undertake sustainability as a competitive advantage for their companies and businesses; - Development of a system of certification of acquired skills, complying with the ECVET system and ensuring European-wide recognition ; - Testing, refinement and final development of the training modules and SMARTOUR GENIE tool. The project consortium well represents Europe (IT, UK, FI, GR ) and, according to the type of organizations involved (from SMEs to experts in professional training), it can ensure a correct interpretation of the market and training needs due to complementary competences (technical knowledge, experience in marketing, experience on sustainability). Among the results and expected impacts : - Creation of a training course, including both "traditional" training material and a "SMARTOUR GENIE" tool, will enable learners n order to carry on their daily decision making processes, according to the impact on sustainability of their undertaken choices and actions; - The creation of an on-line tool will provide training and access for rural tourism communities to up-skill and improve their operations; - Compliance with vocational qualification systems ECVET in Europe , in order to optimize the skills acquired through the delivered training, to be recognized not only at local but European level; - Development of skills in the tourism sector related to the triple bottom line of sustainability (balance of environmental, economic and socio- cultural factors), as a basis of competitive advantage for the development of entrepreneurial activities on tourism; - Increase of energy efficiency and reduction of environmental impact of tourist accommodation (in terms of: reduction of CO2, reduction of garbage and food waste ) ; - Better management of target groups' businesses in terms of: Reduction of facilities management costs, Improvement of tourism offer portfolio, Increase of tourists sensitive to criteria complying with sustainability parameters.



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