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Sustainable management of environmental issues related to water stress in Mediterranean islands (MEDIWAT)
Date du début: 31 mai 2010, Date de fin: 30 mai 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of MEDIWAT is to provide innovative and sustainable technical, operational and managerial solutions for tackling problems caused by water resources -quality worsening and -shortage in Med insular context. The main deliverables will be: 1) a web database and advisory platform through which realizing and maintaining an inter-islands network of expertises and cooperation 2) two strategic master plans for effective and sustainable management of water resources in small and large Med islands Achievements: State of the art of project implementation since the project startThe following actions have been done: C1: the partnership, since the project start, produced the main communication materials, distributed during all events (in Sicily, Cyprus, Malta, France and Spain) furthermore the website is available and supplies all the information about projects and results, with an intranet area available only for partners and for the project officier by JTS. Technical articles have been published. C2: management and coordination of the project with all deliverables requests have been produced (reports, minutes, reallocation files etc) C3: the phase C.3.1 -State of Art in the participating islands- are defined and closed with it deliverables D.3.1.1 - D.3.1.2 - D.3.1.3. C4: The Phase C.4.1 (Overview of available solutions) is closed (March 2012) and its deliverables (State of art of existing tools (D.4.1.1) Catalogue of exploitable European projects (D.4.1.2) Selection of previous results (D.4.1.3) are created. The Phase C.4.2 (Local/regional assessmenLatest project activities and outputsThe following actions have been done: Regular activities on C1 and C2 (updating website, distributing information material reporting, coordination etc) and: organization of project meetings and SC and Stakeholders event C3: In the last reporting period, the RDWW has defined the guide lines to elaborate the Strategic Master Plans (for small and for large islands). Each partner has conrtibuted with its experience.The final documents will be ready in the next reporting period. C4: The Phases -Local/regional assessment of solutions- and- Web-Database and advisory platform implementation- are closed and its deliverables (D.4.2.1, D.4.2.2, D.4.3.1 and D.4.3.2 are created. C5: the pilots' activities are yet ongoing and partners decided to postpone to December 2012 the deadline. Partners report periodically results and comments to SM for the scientific/technical report (D 2.2.2).Next key steps for the projectC1 and C2: Regular activities on C1 and C2 (updating website, distributing information material reporting, coordination etc) will be carried out. In the next reporting period will be organized 2 mediwat project meetings with the steering committee meetings (Greece and Italy) and the relate national events with the stakeholders in particular, in Sicily (Italy) in May 2013 will be organized the final Conference to disseminate (also with the dvd campaign, the publications, etc.) all activities ca



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