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Sustainable Land Management Network
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project proposal arises from the need to enhance the governance of the land management in the Europe as an encouragement for the European economic and environmental integration.The objective of the proposed project is to create virtual research and educational network “Sustainable land management network” with specific objectives to promote research and teaching in the field of sustainable European land management and to strengthen the effectiveness of land-use governance in the EU.Network is created of higher educational institutions from different EU member states (Austria,Spain,Italy,Slovakia,Poland,Bulgaria) based on their professional focus in order to ensure multidisciplinary synergy and excellence in teaching and research activities in the field of EU land management. The objectives will be achieved through following activities:- enhancing cooperation between network partners- gathering and exchanging knowledge and expertise - equip young researchers and professionals with knowledge of the EU- fostering the cooperation and open dialogue between network and professionals- providing information, expertise from the network to decision-making authorities and policy-makers at local/regional/national and EU levelActivities are designed for target groups:PhD. students, young graduates who do not automatically come into contact with EU integration studies, young/senior researchers, academics, professionals and interested public.The project enables to provide supporting events:- teaching activities- workshops - roundtables- webinar- study visits and participation in conferences- network partners meetingThe fulfilment of the objectives will be reinforced by research activity focused on gathering and evaluating data related to land management in the EU.Visibility nad sustainability of the project will be maintained by designed deliverables: interactive website, database, annually reports, manual, brochures, scientific papers and webinar proceeding



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