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Sustainable environmental management of Atlantic areas deteriorated by mining activity (GREEN MINES)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2006, Date de fin: 29 juin 2008 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall objective of the GREEN MINES project is to promote environmental recovery and sustainable management of the natural resources and social economic activities in areas deteriorated by mining activity in the European Atlantic Area. In order to achieve this goal, four lines of action will be carried out: -Improving the mining environmental heritage through feasibility studies to possibly exploit leisure resources or a promotional video - Promoting the recovery of natural surroundings deteriorated by the mining industry and through pilot demonstration of adapting abandoned mining sites as attractive areas for tourism and good practices guides. - Promoting sustainable development of the communities that have only depended on the mining industry by training tourist guides and designing tourist routes - Developing strategies and plans related to the mining industry to minimise adverse environmental repercussions by means of exchanging experiences on good practices related to this subject. Achievements: • 5 Viability studies: ✔ "Study of the viability of opening new heritage sites in the area of Peña de Hierro" (Spain), ✔ "Development plan for the mining heritage" (Wales), ✔ "Programme of conservation works" (Ireland) ✔ "Strategic plan for the common land around Halkyn Mountain" (Wales) ✔ "Study to assess the preparation and improvement of structures converted for the development of tourism in the mining areas of Alentejo" (Portugal), • 3 promotional videos promoting natural environments deteriorated by mining • 1 guide to "Good Practices for environmental recovery of natural areas affected by mining in the different zones of the project" • 1 guide to "Pilot Demonstration Projects showing the possibility of turning abandoned mineral enclaves into attractive sites for tourism" • Creation of a book on the archaeological industry in the area, • Training for tourist guides, • Design of tourist routes based on the mining heritage in the environment, • 2 courses on "Techniques and Accreditations of Tourist Visits by e-learning" (63 Spanish pupils), • Communication campaign:; 16,000 brochures distributed, 74,200 leaflets distributed, 2,000 books disseminated, 3 scientific journals published, many press articles written and website, DVD of the "Mines Heritage" seminar, Conference on GREEN MINES (100 copies distributed), 1 CD "Good practice guide for the recovery of natural areas affected by mining" 60 copies distributed.


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  • 2000 - 2006 Atlantic Area
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