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Sustainable Energy Educational Demonstration Center - SEED Center (HUSKROUA/1001/104)
Date du début: 12 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 11 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The overall objective of the action is to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources through education and demonstration in cross border regions in order to support the sustainable use of natural energy resources and contribute to the improvement of the quality of the environment and the air we breathe. Main activities Activity 1 - Project Management. Activity 2 - Creation of SEED Centers. Activity 3- Training of personnel running the SEED Center. Activity 4 - Sustainable energy capacity building seminars for employees of public institutions (including schools). Activity 5 - Pilot educational actions in the SEED Centers. Activity 6 - Workshops on regional sustainable energy strategies, awareness and education policies, actions and projects. Activity 7 - Production of sustainable energy manuals. Activity 8 - Production of a short movie on sustainable energy. Activity 9 - Information and publicity. Achievements: 1. 1 project implementation plan, 1 kick-off meeting in Romania, 3 project meetings, control and monitoring reports and external audit report. 2. 2 sustainable energy educational demonstration centers created. 3. 18 trained persons in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and energy education skills prepared to run the SEED centers. 4. 150 civil servants with increased capacity on sustainable energy and environmental issues. 5. 10 pilot sustainable energy educational actions carried out in each created SEED Center. 5. 2 workshops on regional sustainable energy strategies, awareness and education policies, actions and projects, one in each partner region. 6. 2 sustainable energy manuals for different student age groups in Romanian and Ukrainian. 7. 1 short movie on sustainable energy produced. 8. 8 press releases, 1500 leaflets, 4 display panels, 2 press conferences, 1500 project brochures, 2 launching events (one in each region) and 2 ending conferences (one in each region), one project webpage in three languages.



  • 90%   585 279,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI CBC
  • Projet sur KEEP platform
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