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Sustainable CITY , SMART living
Date du début: 15 mars 2015, Date de fin: 14 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project promoted the exchange of good practices and raised the awareness of the sustainable urban development theme, through the comparison between the participants from Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus and Poland. In addition to the exchange of different experiences, the project defined common guidelines in order to spread a positive growth model and promote the welfare of citizens, thanks to the active participation of young people. Nowadays the urban areas are distressed by overcrowding phenomena and, as a result, there is a careless use of resources and urban welfare decline. This leads to the creation of a less comfortable urban environment that penalizes the perception of well-being among young people and discourages actions of active citizenship. Despite this, several European countries have shown the ability to adapt to changes, but it’s hard to spread the good example. Recalling the Europe 2020 priorities, we tried to contribute to the diffusion of effective examples to foster a smart (research and innovation), sustainable (environmental and social growth) and inclusive growth (social inclusion). The YE took 9days of activities with 2 days of travel, from 16th to 24th of June 2015. We hosted the exchange in "Casa Largaiolli", a property of the municipality of Sala Bolognese. The number of participants was 24 including a group leader for each group. The participants were young people between 18 and 30 years old, active in their organizations with experience in this field and youngsters who wanted to deal with environment, healthy lifestyle and spreading of innovative ways of urban growth. The participants were able to speak and understand English. The project involved guys with fewer opportunities, both from big cities and small centers that allowed us to find out a whole perspective about the topics. Aims achieved: - Improve the participants' key competences and promote their participation in European democratic life. - Knowing each other promoted new relations among the youth organizations involved. - Spread between participants the values of a sustainable urban community - Foster awareness in active citizenship between the participants as a tool to realize a sustainable community. In particular the participants were involved by the Social street experience. - Contribute to implement a feeling of European identity. - All the topics expected were addressed during the youth exchange Through NFE approach we proposed an open and flexible educational path, related to the needs of the participants. We adopted activities that promoted comparison between participants and let them express their point of view, in the most proper way. The group took part to all activities with enthusiasm and in a proactive way. During the activities, in particular thanks to role play, have emerged different point of views that helped to improve the sight on the topics. The project had a strong impact, first of all among participants who shared experiences, enhanced key competence skills and promoted active citizenship. The visit to the best practices were very important moment as concrete examples that stimulated new ideas and initiatives among participants. Now the partner organizations are able to count on motivated young people, who can use the new skills acquired during the YE, we created new partnerships and gathered new ideas for future projects. Considering the benefits on the long period, we expect that the number of stakeholders involved will grow, both locally and internationally, and will keep rising awareness of the projects topics.



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