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Sustainability - A Challenge for Sports and Olympics
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

60 participants from 6 countries will respond to the issue of sustainability and sports for two weeks.The project "Sustainability - A Challenge for Sports and Olympics" is a contribution to the promotion of healthy lifestyles of young people through sports, nutrition education and physical activity. At the same time a critical view of sport in terms of sustainability is done. Encouraging active citizenship with a focus on sustainability is tackled using the example of the sport with its various facets.The Youth Exchange is a mix of theoretical input, numerous works in small groups, which can be incorporated in their own ideas and suggestions and practical working groups in which ways are tried for sustainable sports.A future workshop will deal decisively with the European and international importance of sustainability in sport. The starting point is from the EU Youth Strategy and the Euro barometer on sport, from Greenpeace sustainability barometer and the testimonies of the Olympic Games in recent decades. In a project workshop project ideas to create a sustainable, movement-friendly environment in the partner organizations and their environment will be developed.The core aim of the project is to understand to empower the participants complex relationships and to develop sustainable actions. It is to think outside the box, think outside the box ecological, economic and socio-cultural issues and to develop new ones. The young people are in the position to himself, as well as the society in which we live to change. We expect effects, especially at local and regional level.The implementation of the projects that are developed in the future workshop, the organizations are doing at the international level to contribute to sustainability in sport and in everyday life.

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