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Survive Through Working Life
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Program “Survive Through Working Life (SURF)” is a Key Action 1- Mobility of Youth Workers, which aims at the training of adult educators and counselors who work with young people in improving basic skills that are required by the modern labor market regardless of the context of work or education. The project took place in Athens, Greece on 24/05/2015 till 31/05/2015 and 27 people participated from 7 different countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, Turkey and Greece). Originally, the basic aim of this project was to improve youth workers capacities of training young people on their employability skills. During the implementation of the project, the trainers of IASIS NGO decided to split the training course into two teaching levels. The first part was implemented the first two days of the training and was an introduction to the basic horizontal or otherwise transferable skills. The second part took place the next three days and basically was a program of ""TRAIN for TRAINERS"", which was intended to reinforce / enhance the skills of teachers in the design and implementation of education programs. The second phase of the project was based on the trainers in order to create training modules (modules) by European standards and the implementation of an education on workshop level by the participants in the TFT. The last day of the program was devoted to the importance of evaluation, ways to assess programs and of course the final evaluation of the program by the participants. From the experiential activities which have been implemented or created in major European projects, we have implemented a highly topical and necessary program for each youth. For the implementation of the program we were based on experiential exercises and techniques that belong to the context of non-formal learning, such as workshops and role playing games. Through their participation in the program the directed beneficiaries were trained in skills / life values, which can be transferred and exploited in every profession or position and raise the value of the worker in the labor market regardless their degree. The basic skills were: Listening and communication Problem solving Respond flexible and positively to changing situations/Crisis management Negotiation Planning and Organizing - Time management Prioritizing Also through the activities they have enhanced and skills such as: Ability to group operation / collaboration Leadership Learning to learn (after-knowledge) and Orientation ability in results For the continuation of the project we created a closed group on Facebook in order to exchange information and other materials, as well as exchange good practices and continuity of preparatory modules produced during TfT. The expected impact of the project was referred to: 1) Participants: After the training course, participants' knowledge regarding employability skills will be improved. Moreover they will experience an intercultural exchange of good practices. The participants will have the opportunity to meet new people working at the same field and dealing with common needs. They will have the chance to share their working experiences with other professionals. 2) Participating Organization: The Organizations will take advantage of the newly acquired knowledge of the trainers and they can apply it in their working environment. 3) Target group: Young people would have the chance to gain a complete education regarding employability skills. Young people will have the opportunity to enjoy the advantages and services of a well-trained training staff. 4) Community: The foreseen project will benefit the entire community. Through the project young people will assert a job being more prepared regarding the needs of the labor market. They will acquire skills necessary not only in order to find a job but also to keep it. Young people will be more ready to enter the society and deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life



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