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Supporting young people in creating and running self-organized learning initiatives
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The job shadowing is going to take place in Leipzig, Germany for a perion of 42 days. The host organisation will be the Autodidaktische Initiative e.V. (ADI, Germany), and the sending organisation will be a non-commercial partnership, Club of Intercultural Communication InterAction (InterAction Club, Russia). InterAction Club will support two participants in their preparation to take part in the program, and also provide space and opportunities for the participants to implement the knowledge and experiences they get from participating in the program. The topics of the job shadowing is supporting young people in creating and running self-organized learning initiatives. The participants are willing to support a wide audience and primarily young people with fewer opportunities in their country of origin in developing the social activity. Both organisations find that they operate in close areas of social life and they look forward to harmonise their cooperation. Within the job shadowing, two participants from InterAction Club (Russia) will learn basic principles of non-formal learning proccesses in NGO sphere, ways to optimise information for different target groups including people with limited opportunities, and ways to bring common European values into self-organized learning. As the result of the job shadowing the participants will make a brochure, a guidebook on how to start and run self-organized learning initiatives, which can be useful for young people in their daily activities in their present or future-to-be organisations.



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