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Supporting the youth work of the Anne Frank Zentrum
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 10 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Anne Frank Zentrum in Berlin is the partner organisation of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. It is a recognised institution based on prevention work against right-wing extremism, discrimination and anti¬Semitism which is committed to a diverse and democratic soceity. The Anne Frank Zentrum is concerned with the connection between history and present and the questions of today's coexistence. Currently, 15 emplyees are working at the Anne Frank Zentrum, additional to that 5 volunteers and interns and about 25 freelancers. The Anne Frank Zentrum is situated in the heart of Berlin, in an inner-city-area which is known for its interesting history and for its big changes after the Berlin wall came down. Furthermore, Berlin- Mitte is an important and interesting site of Jewish life and culture - in the past as well as in the present. Berlin has 3.5 million inhabitants and is the capital of Germany. It also is the biggest city in Germany. Berlin has a high amount of citizens with non-german background (more than 400 thousand). The clash between East and West is still present in the city. Berlin is also a centre of political and social debates, and a place well known for its growing cultural activities. Its position close to Eastern Europe is another important factor influencing the city's atmosphere. The Anne Frank Zentrum has been working with volunteers for more than eight years. It is taking part in different programs for volunteers - national and international. The Anne Frank Zentrum (AFZ) is a non-governmental organization working in the field of Holocaust Education and mainly refers to youths. As a partner organization of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, AFZ is involved in many international projects. The volunteers are an enrichtment to our organisation in many aspects: they bring a new perspectives to our work, they promote their countries of origin and they help to foster international networks and cooperations with NGOs in other European countries. The EVS is located in the departement for exhibitions and education in Berlin. Many thousand pupils are visiting the Anne Frank Zentrum each year. Following the idea of peer-group-education they take part in a program dealing with the Holocaust from Anne Frank's perspective. The volunteer gets an opportunity to learn about 'Holocaust education' in Germany. The volunteer takes part in our discussions and will gain qualifications to work with the groups him/herself. Another aim is, that the voluneer gets an insight into how a museum and NGO works. He/She helps in all the tasks important for a museum and also gets skills in cultural management by helping in organizing lectures, film screenings, eye witness talks and other cultural events. The volunteer can take part in all the qualification activities we organize for our young team of free lancers. The volunteer supports our activities by: - organising and coordinating guided tours at the Centre - leading groups and doing educational programs on her/his own (if wished so) - helping with the visitor service - collaborating on planning and carrying out events/further trainings/seminars - preparing and carrying out an independent project - taking part at all the stuff meetings and inhouse trainings that take place regularely The volunteers are working in a team. They can also get an insight into the other departements of the Anne Franks Zentrum (traveling exhibitions, public relations etc.) The sending and hosting organisation as well as the EVS volunteer will spread the information about this project in their local communities. In order to distribute the achievements and results of the volunteer’s activities various information channels will be used, e.g. websites, flyers, reports, workshops or meetings with young people concerning the promotion of general EVS and project-specified activities. For any further activities the participant could either stay on in the Anne Frank Zentrum on a free-lance-basis and be active as a multiplier or transfer all gained experiences and knowledge coming back to her/his residing country or local community. EVS-Participant will get information, how to get involved in some EVS-Alumni-networks or any other youth organisations and to spread her/his specific experience, knowledge within some new projects, carried out by these organisations.



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