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Supporting the Uptake of Agri-Food Research Results into Innovation with EPC countries (SUAFRI-EPC)
Date du début: 1 mars 2014, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The overall aim of the SUAFRI-EPC project is to bridge the gap between Agri-Food research and innovation in Eastern Partnering Countries (EPC), by bringing together all actors of the knowledge value chain and raising their awareness on how to uptake research results into innovation. The SUAFRI-EPC is supporting the Agri-Food sector and community in EPC by developing the basis for an efficient ""Research to Innovation - R2I"" process with the support of European partnering specialists.The project will consist in the following activities:• Networking between Agri-Food actors: Mapping EPC Agri-Food actors at different level of the knowledge value chain and organise brokerage events;• Analyse the potential for cooperation and knowledge transfer in the field;• Exchange best practices in knowledge/technology transfer via a range of specific training courses ;• Implement a R2I pilot project in three (3) targeted EPC countries with a European partner:- R2I Topic A in Armenia: “Production methods to optimise economical and environmental sustainability in aquaculture and apiculture sectors”;- R2I Topic B in Belarus: “Development of consumer preferences for fish and seafood”.- R2I Topic C in Georgia: “Wine production optimisation using bio-technologies and zoning techniques”.• Innovation support services to EPC (and European) Agri-Food organisations willing to receive hands-on support for their RDI activities.The SUAFRI-EPC project aims also to cooperate with other European projects and initiatives targeting EPC countries, under ‘Cluster joint activities’. Cluster activities will consist in organising and contributing to joint event, exchange of information and support current projects and the successors of: BILAT-Ukr*aina, INCONET CA/SC and INCONET-EECA."



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