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Supporting Sustainable Stations (SusStation)
Date du début: 16 avr. 2008, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project will achieve a new generation of sustainable. low carbon stations. Rail is a high risk and highly regulated sector; to date there is very limited progress with introducing sustainable measures to station buildings. This is a lost opportunity because there are so many stations at the heart of communities they serve; their accessibility makes them ideal demonstration locations. This project will change the rail industry and help tackle climate change. SusStation's most important outputs are: · A sustainability assessment tool. It will be transparent. accessible. tailored to the EU rail sector & offer flexible application to new build. retrofit and operation of station buildings. · SusStation demonstrations - 4 new building schemes & 1 building design - to inform the tool. prove the concept and achieve widespread public exposure. These demonstration buildings will be experienced by over 170m station users each year. The project achievements will be: - more sustainable construction and management of station buildings - lower carbon emissions from the rail sector - creating a rail industry environment which encourages sustainable stations; SusStations & Ticket 2 Kyoto will together inform emerging EU rail industry sustainability and climate change programmes. - new market opportunities. from integrating sustainability and innovation into multi-billion euro investment. for example. the UK's National Station Investment Programme. - working with the rail industry. government. the public and young people to change attitudes about sustainable rail. - extensive networking with high quality EU rail and government stakeholders. Achievements: The SusStation is a successful European project which has both a practical element – the construction of an excellent Eco-Station in Accrington, UK and other building projects in France and Germany – and a more theoretical element – the development of a sustainability ratings tool for stations. The project awarded a Highly Commended prize at the Sustainability Awards of the International Union of Railways (the UIC) announced on 26 October 2012 at its Sustainability Conference in Venice.Outputs and deliverables are available under: Publications• SusStations Project - IEECB 2012 Paper • strategic team group July 2011 • rail technology magazine 07/11 SusStation Assessments• Accrington Eco Station Assessement 2010• StationGreen Assessement 2013.pdf • Antrim Station Assessment June 2013 • Assessementtool Quality Management Scheme• Utrecht Centraal Station Assessement 2013SusStation Posters• susstation november berlin meeting station green • susstation november berlin meeting translink antrim • susstation november berlin meeting boulogne SusStation newsletter• newsletter edition january 2013• newsletter edition June 2012 • newsletter edition september 2011• newsletter edition december 2010 • newsletter edition december 2009further documents• Artikel Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau StationGreen • UIC Sustainability Awards 2012• Energy Policy of Deutsche Bahn • design report Accrington Eco Station • Accrington Train Station Wind Feasibility Study • Accrington Eco Station Research • Climate-KIC Germany• BeMobility – BerlinelektroMobil: The future of urban transport• The future transport markets• Ulster business festival SusStation Presentation • EUREF-Campus as Intelligent City• Accrington Eco Station Berlin 9th November, 2011 • Envireo CAPEM Conference Programm 2013• Antrim Passenger SurveySusStation Biodiverity Workshops at the EU Sustainable Energy Week• CapEm on EcoMaterials Belfast June 2013• Network Rail presentation on Biodiversity June 2013 • Manual provisions for small wildlife ProRail hr september 2013 • Energy Workshop Summary • Antrim SusStation Go Eco June 2013


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