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Supporting people with disabilities by technical aid during working processes

The vocational school of Weissenburg has experience in cooperation with institutions for disabled people. This cooperation has arisen to carry out the new curriculum for industrial mechanics with its complex learning sequences. Ergonomically well designed work places are very important for people with different disabilities to preserve their physical ability. The objective of the cooperation is to improve the manufacturing processes as well as to make these processes easier. Therefore workshops for disabled people are in continual need of special equipment and devices. Such devices form the basis for an ideal task for technical apprentices at vocational schools. Thereby students plan, produce, hand out and explain the technical devices needed for the disabled persons workshops.Students not only learn how to work on their own within a complex sequence. They also get a clear impression of what kinds of difficulties disabled persons have to deal with in their (working) life. During the necessary meetings between pupils and the disabled people the fear of contact and prejudice are reduced and a deeper understanding of their living conditions can be enhanced.The result of the partnership project is a "handbook of construction" which will be developed with all the partners cooperating within the project. It will collect all the results of the local projects in form of pictures, engineering drawings and specifications. It will so offer ideal examples for vocational schools in Europe. Thereby the technical vocational education in Europe can be improved. In addition, young people gain an in-depth look at other cultures and ways of living and working. They can also improve their knowledge of foreign languages so they are perfectly prepared for the European job market.



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