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Date du début: 30 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Hold my Hand Foundation, 7634 Pécs Kovács Béla street 10. The project takes place in Pécs, which lies in the South of Hungary. Here on the outskirt of the city we have the Day care-centre of the Foundation. This provides daily care for 40 mentally handicapped youngsters (aged between 18-40 years) and a living community for 8 people. Our tasks are: social inclusion for the youngsters, to enable them to work, developing their skills and personality, organizing spare-time activities.Our organization would like the volunteer to get an inside view of Hungarian situation and circumstances of handicapped people. .The volunteer has to carry out her own ideas in the activities with handicapped people.She/he would organize free-time activities for the youngsters in the afternoons. In everything she will be supported and helped by the mentor and the other helpers. It's also possible to cooperate with other volunteers from other projects and execute their ideas and projects together to make EVS work more powerful and visible in the region. We would like, that the volunteer would show and give away a part of her own culture and personality to the youngsters, so they will have the opportunity to get an inside view of the European dimensions. Unfortunately our youngsters don't have the possibility to get to know other cultures, so we try to bring other nationalities cultures to our place. Because our youngsters have limited capacities and skills and the volunteer needs also to learn a new language and new skills, so the theme of the program is mainly bound to the language of art, because it's universal and it's understandable for everybody (painting, music, dance, etc.). Group EVS service. It takes 12 months



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