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Support USers To Access INformation and Services (SUSTAINS)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SUSTAINS comprises a rich basket of services based on giving citizens online access to their Electronic Health Records (EHR). The services proposed have been distilled from the experience of regions which have already pioneered such access. The SUSTAINS Consortium is composed of regions in the EU leading in the area of innovation in services for citizens, and a number of user and professional associations all equally committed to the implementation of key action 13 of the Digital Agenda for Europe. Consortium Partners have already demonstrated this commitment by creating a Group of Interest with such a goal as its main mission. Regions will share their experiences and achievements to speed up the implementation of the SUSTAINS basket of services in a representative cross-section of EU regions. Patient empowerment is high on the agenda of the Consortium, together with great care in addressing the concerns of the professionals in what could be seen as a revolution in the patient-healthcare professional relationship. Legal and ethical issues associated with online access by citizens to their EHR will be thoroughly explored, and lessons will be drawn from 11 pilots in 9 EU countries and disseminated to facilitate the implementation of similar services by other regions. Meaningful and measurable indicators have been selected to assess the impact and satisfaction with the services by citizens/patients and professionals. SUSTAINS contributes to 3 major healthcare¿related issues in modern society: 1. Empowerment of patients: There is a growing tendency by patients and the public to question information from the health system, ask for a second opinion, demand respect and dignity in their treatment, expect convenience, etc. 2. Quality of care: New progress in healthcare means that patients demand, and healthcare professionals want to offer, the best quality of care. 3. Efficiency and economy: There is a growing demand from patients/citizens for improved efficiency and economy.



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