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Support to security end users (ARCHIMEDES)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2012, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Weak participation of end-users & operators (EU&O) in all the stages of security research is jeopardizing the competitiveness of new solutions & services and Europe’s security. The objective of this 3 year ARCHIMEDES project is to increase the R&T uptake. It will: 1) Develop an Innovation Management methodology enabling EU&O to efficiently benefit from R&T results and promote a common innovation culture; 2) Start a sustainable process for the EU&O driven definition of common operational needs & early R&T demands aligning EU research agendas with EU & MS security policies; 3) Enhance EU&O’ participation in all stages of EU research activities: agenda-setting; participation in projects; improvement of the legal and operational environment; definition of testing, validation and certification procedures; implementation; 4) Promote security EU&O’ networking and a permanent public-private dialogue through the creation of a Forum to also reinforce cooperation with the supply side and explore a sustainable end-to-end approach to Research and Innovation.All these aspects of ARCHIMEDES will be pursued, explored, refined and validated by specific EU&O sectors during 10 roundtables held in different EU countries. A specific Security Forum, linking existing networks of EU&O via a specific web site, will ensure a sustained dialogue and exchange of information, as will three conferences and video/web conferences on specific topicsValidated findings will be provided as input to the EC Security Advisory Group for the planning of future security research activities, and possibly to the Security Research Programme Committee and other networks of stakeholders (ENISA, Frontex, Europol etc).ARCHIMEDES’ Partners represent all sectors of security EU&O and suppliers from across Europe. Through their broad networks they will guarantee an adequate participation of EU&O in the project’s activities and the maximum dissemination and communication possible on ARCHIMEDES.



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