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Support for Youth Work
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Support for Youth Work", involves the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization into a 3- day Youth Forum with the participation of 50 young people coming from various backgrounds (either these concern disabilities, financial, societal, geographical and/ or educational factors) and from different levels of involvement in the public affairs and youth policy sector. The Youth Forum will take place on the 30th of September until the 2nd of October 2016 in Limassol in Cyprus. The requirement for implementing this Youth Forum lies to the fact that there is great need to stress the importance of Youth Work in Cyprus and a necessity for formal and professional recognition of this field. The establishment of the youth workers education is also another objective that this Youth Forum will be concerned with.According to the renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010- 2018) and based on the Communication ‘EU Youth Strategy-, youth work acts as a support to all fields of action and cross-sectoral cooperation as an underlying principle. Youth Work is stated to be a planned systematic educational experience implemented outside of the formal school curriculum, usually by voluntary groups and organisations. For that reason, there is a necessity for providing proper and structured education to the youth workers as they are the means through which knowledge and inspiration is spread in the area of youth. In addition, by recognising the contribution of the youth workers in a professional way, will only improve the field of youth work and create a healthy competition that will motivate the youth workers to improve themselves and excel on what they do.By generating a modular system for the youth workers, it will serve as a coherent framework to train the youth workers and give orientation and guidance for the different actors in the field of youth work. In addition, this system will invite the youth workers to improve their competences and skills and at the same time develop innovative approaches in matters related to the youth.Youth workers, volunteers and young people in general will be able to participate at this project. Also, the unemployed young people and the young people with fewer opportunities will be encouraged to participate at this Forum since this Youth Forum will be an opportunity for them to obtain a deeper knowledge in the field of youth work and get inspired on how they can use their personal skills to promote themselves in the work industry.At the same time, these people will be a valuable asset in the Youth Forum as they will offer their own perspective in the matter and provide their ideas and proposals as it comes to the development of the sector of youth work in Cyprus. During the Youth Forum, the participants will have the opportunity to obtain a solid knowledge of what youth work is and with what is involved. In addition, through their active participation they will have the chance to create some practices and exchange their ideas and their experiences on how they can contribute and develop the field of Youth Work. In order to do that, they will be involved in a series of discussions and non-formal activities and set some proposals that will be then included in a Policy paper that the Youth Officers along with the team of the young facilitators of our Organization will draft and disseminate to the the other Youth Organisations- in and out of Cyprus, their stakeholders and the general public. Important speakers like Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou, Mrs. Anna Dalosi and others will be also invited to discuss and explain the situation of youth work in Cyprus and give some guidance to the participants on how to improve and develop the field of youth work in Cyprus.The policy paper that will derive from this Youth Forum will suggest ways through which youth work can obtain formal and professional recognition and highlight the contribution of youth work in the educational and civil society. The impact of this Youth Forum will be of great importance not only for the participants, but also for field of youth work in Cyprus. This Youth Forum will motivate the young participants to take action and rethink their employability opportunities in relation to the field of youth work. Also, the youth workers will have the opportunity to network and with the contribution of the rest of the participants, will learn how to nurture, develop and promote youth work as a professional sector. A booklet and a newsletter dedicated to this forum will be created,printed and distributed to the general public so that the dissemination of this Forum is better established.'Support for Youth Work' will be the stepping stone of a series of many more to come forums, seminars and activities until youth work acquires the recognition that deserves and youth workers' education is taken into better consideration.