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Support for the advancement of policy cooperation between India and Europe in Research and Innovation (INDIGO POLICY)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2013, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Bibliometric and project participation analysis highlights that scientific cooperation between India and Europe increased significantly in recent years. STI policy stakeholder have supported this dynamic development by agreeing on an EU-India S&T Agreement, and added concrete value through co-drafting an EU/MS-India Strategic Agenda for Research and Innovation, which pinpoints specific thematic areas of common interest. In this Strategic Agenda a new organisational structure for the strategic STI dialogue between EC/MS and India consisting of a Group of Senior Officials assisted by a dedicated working group and thematic/industry groups is proposed.By building on mutual Europe-Indian interest, INDIGO POLICY is committed to support these STI dialogue structures through the provision of analytical evidence, operational STI policy support, dedicated PR measures, and concrete pilot activities. In particular, INDIGO POLICY1) concentrates its activities on those Societal Challenges which are outlined in the Strategic Agenda on Research and Innovation, and which can be meaningfully tackled by focussing on biotechnology and water-related R&D activities;2) provides continuous monitoring, evidence-based analytical input as well as policy-advice to stimulate and enhance STI cooperation between Europe and India especially with regard to Horizon 2020,3) supports STI policy cooperation in a flexible geometry that facilitates a regular exchange between the EC, MS/AC and major stakeholders in India and4) pilots two concrete joint activities to support STI cooperation between Europe and Indian research organisations and researchers at operational level.INDIGO POLICY is supported in India by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, and a centre for excellence from the Confederation of Indian Industry. In Europe major stakeholder from the Strategic Forum for International



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