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Supervision in Youth Work
Date du début: 3 août 2013,

"Supervision in Youth Work" is a 5 day training focused on working with volunteers in youth work in professional and thoughtful manner. The topic is a reaction to the current difficulty with fluctuation of volunteers in youth organisations and their reluctance to take over bigger responsibilities and tasks. We believe, that if we can provide them with professional support and space to express their worries and questions, we might decrease the fluctuation of volunteers and prevent burn-out syndrome.The training will take place in Ölver, Iceland from 1st to 7th September 2013 (including travel days), with 5 working days in total. Within the framework of experiental learning, participants will have opportunity to get familiar with the concept of supervision in youth work and practice basic skills needed for supervision. This will all happen by means of different short lectures, activities within the big group, smaller groups in couples or individual, through reflecting on the learning experiences and further implementation of the newly acquired skills. Some of the skills we want to cover basic understanding of supervision, basic supervision models, listening, empathy, associative interaction, etc.There will be 12 countries involved in the project (Iceland, Belarus, England, Poland, Montenegro, Ireland, Kosovo, Switzerland, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Russia), which also provides a great environment for international learning and fostering understanding among different nations.



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