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Date du début: 1 déc. 2009, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The basic scientific and technological concept of the project is to use agglomerated nanophased powders to be transferred onto a substrate in the form a coating with very little or none change of crystal structure. This will allow to obtain nano-structured coatings with a crystal size very close to the powder one. The concept will be extended to an important breakthrough concept that is the “Supersonic deposition of nanostructured surfaces” using multifunctional “reactive” aggregated nanopowders for coating deposition: the residual chemical energy stored inside the material (uncompleted chemical reactions) can be developed during the deposition to assist deformation effects and contributing to bond together particles onto the substrate via creep/liquid phase sintering mechanisms. Many different systems will be explored pertaining to the aeronautical, mechanical and biomedical fields. The main S/T objectives of the project are: • Materials design of based on performance requirements; • Development of agglomerated (typically 20-50 microns size) nanophased powder classes (crystal sizes 10-20 nm) suitable for deposition using cold spraying containing either solid lubricants and/or residual chemical enthalpy in proper metal matrix; • Cold spraying process development for the “reactive” deposition (wide range of adds in temperature), and self lubricating nanostructured coatings (synthesis of ""new"" nanocomposite materials); • Development of three classes of nanostructured coatings for very relevant tribological applications (with self lubricating properties, abrasion and fretting resistance, biocompatibility) which suffer from a complete lack of solutions in the fields of bearings, machines parts and medical devices; The above objectives relates perfectly to the call content since it is intended to develop: novel nanostructured coatings; improved wear behaviour; chemical inertness; new generation of solid lubricants and tribological materials"



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