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Sun Tracker Flower
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Against the backdrop of the current discussions on renewable energies and an European energy union, technical, scientific and socio-political considerations of solar power seem to be extremely pertinent. A transdisciplinary project allows the project participants to examine various aspects of this vast topic. Three schools with different profiles (vocational and general) from Germany (Gottlieb-Daimler Schule 2, Sindelfingen), France (Lycée Hippolyte Fontaine, Dijon) and Spain (Colegio La Salle Virgen Del Mar, Almería) are going to work on solar energy. The project participants aim to construct a solar measurement station with sun tracker in order to measure, compare and analyze values (e.g. power). Technical (construction of solar station, motorization of solar station, programming of minicomputer RaspberryPi, programming of tracker; differences between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels; differences between solar stations with tracker and without tracker), geographical (power generated in Spain vs. power generated in France and Germany; attitude towards renewable energies) and socio-political (energy policy in the countries that are involved in the project; European energy union) dimensions are going to be considered in the course of the project. An insight into scientific issues and methodology as well as first hands-on experiences are another important objective of this project. As the participating schools have recently introduced tablets in their classrooms, they are going to develop teaching methods and they are going to exchange teaching tools. As students from various fields (metal engineering, electrical engineering, environmental technology and general education) are going to cooperate, the previously mentioned transdisciplinarity of the project can be realized. The wide-ranging expertise of the supervising teachers/key persons in the project make possible the development of valuable project results. Transnational mobility is an important part of the project: four short-term exchanges are planned in the course of the two-year project. The choice of the place of the transnational mobility depends on the equipment needed during the exchange program (e.g. equipment for metal engineering in Dijon, energy park in Sindelfingen). During the transnational project weeks, the students are going to install solar measurement stations, they are going to study various aspects of solar energy (e.g. photovoltaic, solar thermal power) which will be followed by the creation of learning modules and quizzes for the respective issues. Besides this, they are going to analyze measured values leading to a pertinent conclusion on the differences between solar stations with tracker vs. solar stations without tracker. Learning sessions at research institutes and debates with non-partisan political organisations are going to be implemented as essential activities. Throughout the project, the project members have to communicate, exchange ideas, results and pictures/videos online, on the eTwinning platform created for the project (cf. Three solar measurement stations with tracker and a website presenting the measured values are going to be project results. The measurement stations can be used for learning sessions with other classes/learning groups. The consideration of additional parameter is easily possible by the integration of other devices (e.g. IP camera). Learning modules and quizzes that are going to be created can be used for further generations of students as well as students from other schools (e.g. learning stations are going to be placed in the energy park on the campus in Sindelfingen). A teacher training manual on how to integrate tablets in the classroom (especially in the natural science classroom) is going to be created.



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