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Summer Camp 2016
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SAME is a European network consisting of 7 organisations in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Serbia. What these organisations have in common is, that they are founded on the ground principles of young people's active civic citizenship, development and solidarity. The organisations do have quite different ways to work and organize, and when cooperating as a group the organisations have the great opportunity to exchange ideas and best practice to face the needs and challenges, every organisation deals with. These needs involve, among other things, for all the organisations concerned new strategies to improve the participation of volunteers, and strengthen the active local groups in every organisation. Furthermore some organisations need to strengthen the cooperation with relevant authorities, while others need new contributions to maintain a proper appeal towards young people. Therefore this SAME's project's main focus is young people, European citizenship, and development. The participants in the project will be 65 young people in the age 15-25 years old, who are all involved in one of the 7 partner organisations.The project will have a non-formal approach to the activities, all focusing on product-oriented workshops and participative methods of learning and working. The specific topics of the activities will be training in organizing, best practice exchange and exchange of ideas, further development of SAME and its basic documents, and of course social, intercultural and personal development of the participants.The result of this project will for the individual participant be an increased cultural understanding of other European countries, an increased awareness of the importance of one's engagement and active civic citizenship at local as well as European level. Furthermore every organisation will bring home new and qualified ideas and experiences which will strengthen the organization and therefore at the end of the day also increase the European Youths knowledge about and interest in civic citizenship and development.At longer term the project will also (due to its activities about developing SAME) develope and strengthen SAME which hereafter sustainably will strengthen the organisations whereby the project will continue.



6 Participants partenaires