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Suitcase Circus for Youth
Date du début: 2 déc. 2013,

Suitcase Circus for Youth (SCY) has been developed following a Grundtvig Learner Workshop (Suitcase Circus) delivered by Everything is Possible during 2012. This workshop brought together participants from 5 EU countries to enjoy a week of discovering circus skills together and developing a final circus performance in Blackpool Tower Circus, a famous traditional UK circus theatre. Partner promoters represented at this Grundtvig Workshop expressed a wish to continue co-operation together, this is the reason for this project. There was a great deal of interest in our Learner Workshop from promoters from ineligible countries, and for this reason we have waited to apply for a 3.2 call in order to include partners in Latin America.Suitcase Circus for Youth will begin with a start-up seminar for professionals in Europe. This will be followed by the development of Social Circus Immersion activities in each promoter country, to which young unemployed disengaged participants will be recruited in each country. These participants will re-engage with society through participating in circus activities, where they will develop transferable skills beneficial to their wider life, such as self discipline, patience, perseverance, presentation and teamwork skills. The project will culminate in a final circus event in Latin America where young people from different countries will come together to perform the skills they have developed during the circus immersion workshops. The purpose of Suitcase Circus for Youth is not merely to develop circus skills in young people but rather to take young people disengaged from society and help them re-engage by equipping them with a virtual suitcase of skills transferable to their future, such as presentation, teamwork, patience and commitment. These skills and characteristics will be developed through social circus methodologies, in order to impact on young people's future employability.



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