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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One of the main elements of the sustainable development of regions and countries is the involvement of woman in the labor force market.In our country, the rate of women involvement to labor force market is one fifth compared to that of men’s.The city of Zonguldak is one of the big cities that attract immigration from villages to towns/cities.As our women seen in agriculture labor force do not have enough knowledge and capability, are unable to join the labor force of the town/city and become housewives,staying away from the labor force.This condition causes failure in supplying the sustainable development,the deformation of the structure of the family and the society. The aim of our project is our participant girls’ acquiring the appropriate knowledge and capability according to the field they are trained,the raise of women labor, its efficiency and quality, their equipment with the knowledge and capability appropriate for the labor force and providing their adaptation to the labor force.By the project, it is aimed that these girls, lacking experience while studying on Child Development and Education,Food and Drinks Service,Beauty and Hair Care Service, get trained in Europe. Furthermore, the training carried out and the policies that The European Union has pursued for sustainable development in women employment will be observed on-site. By our project,the participants are going to become individuals that keep up with the improving technology,make production of good quality or offer high quality service, renovating themselves and taking effective decisions, aware of their responsibility.The adaptation period of the participants will be shortened.The participants are going to go through cultural and linguistic development.Contribution to the strength gaining of the local economy and to sustainable progress will be provided by the involvement of women population of our district in the labor force.The equality of opportunity is going to be achieved/provided. There will be 18 girl learner that are receiving basic vocational training in the project. 6 participants that have been trained in the field of Child Development and Education,6 participants in the field of Food and Drinks Service and 6 participants in the Beauty and Hair Care Service.A month-long circulation/mobility is going to be fulfilled in the project. The main activities are going to be done under 3 titles: 1.Preparation Karaman Multi Programmed High School will fulfill all the preparation activities within the context of the project. The participants are going to be trained pedagogically,culturally and vocationally within the context of the preparation activities.The motivation of the participants will be prompted. Furthermore,the organization of the participants,forming of the communication circle,permissions to travel abroad and other formal processes are going to be fulfilled in this period. The contracts with the participants and the receiver TEC partner will be signed. 2.Circulation/Mobility The circulation/mobility will be practice-oriented.An 8 hour- programme wil be carried out.At weekends, cultıural and social activities are going to be done. The project will last for a month and 160 hour education will be given.The practices will be done under the supervision of the TEC instructors.TEC is going to fulfill the practices of its own corporations or the ones it Works with. TEC is a coodinator for the project and it will assign three trainers. Karaman Multi Programmed High School will assign three companions in order to help the training process of the Project,make organizations and follow the participants. 3.Expanding Expanding activities are going to be organized by Project Administration/Management Team. The participants,companions and the person to contact will undertake active roles in expanding. The targets in expanding are going to be determined/established as students at vocational fields,instructors,families,decision takers,vocation associations,corporations and the district folk. Information Technologies will be utilized as much as possible in expanding. The practice will be fulfilled by using lucid,fair,open to verification,contributor and accountable methods. The project is going to raise women employment and bring in sustainability in the long run.The participants and corporations will develop.There will be contributions to the forming of EU citizenship and cultural interaction will be experienced.



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