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Studies in Bioengineering and Medical Informatics
Date du début: 15 oct. 2012,

The main objective of this Project is to develop and implement interdisciplinary curricula in the field of BE&MI in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in total 5 PhD, 6 MSc and 3 Spec. programmes. The well rooted BE&MI education at most EU countries is not available for students in West Balkan (WB) countries. Therefore the aim of the project is to transfer good EU practice in this field to WB and to introduce such profiles of education at local universities. Consequently, study programs in BE and MI will compensate for deficiencies in current graduate education that reflect through incomplete education/training, limited set of disciplines, national/regional imbalance in study programs distribution, etc. The syllabi and teaching material will be developed in a common language. Simultaneously, the teaching infrastructure and laboratory conditions will be upgraded. The EU universities will help in re-training existing staff and training new young teachers and assistants. After infrastructure and personnel preparation, the programmes will be accredited and started. The mobility of the first-generation of students will be allowed by EU partners. Sustainability will be provided by close links with the market, cooperation between national universities and institutions, strong planning and permanent modernization. All established intellectual and infrastructural resources will be shared between partner WB universities. The project will not only be useful for academic sector, but will positively affect both, the industrial sector (providing adequate maintenance and design of medical equipment, understanding of specific clinical needs, etc.) and clinical practice. WB universities and their graduates will benefit from empowered possibilities for cooperation with the EU universities, and professional development.



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