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STUdents self-governance & Democratic Involvement in Kazakhstan
Date du début: 15 oct. 2011,

STUDIK project aims at development and strengthening student self-governance and democratic involvement at Kazakh universities. The approach includes four specific objectives: (1)increase knowledge on state-of-the-art of student self-governance in Kazakhstan and EU countries to build bridges for transferring EU experience and enable models to be implemented ; (2) create and improve a general understanding and acceptance for student involvement in university processes by students, high-ranking university and ministerial officials; (3)create motivation mechanisms and strengthen capacity of students to organise themselves in student boards and upgrade their impact at Kazakh universities and society at large;(4) create suitable legal and institutional frame for student self-governance at Kazakh universitiesListed objectives are substantiated by following outcomes:(a) As is comparative analysis(b) Definition of target groups/stakeholders (c) Installation &development of infrastructure(d) Workshops & Promotion of Student Self-Governance (e) Set-up of legal conditions for student self-governance(f) Implementation of student self-governance in KazakhstanEntire STUDIK project will be complemented by dissemination activities following a defined communication strategy which aims at the highest possible degree of visibility of the project and the TEMPUS program in general. A cornerstone of STUDIK project is a dedicated work package, which includes activities aiming at quality ensuring by internal and external monitoring. This will allow a continuously high quality during the entire implementation phase. The project will be managed using state-of-the-art PM tools such as dedicated risk management, a permanent update of the stakeholders’ matrix as well as professional tools for planning and monitoring of the basic target elements time, budget and quality.



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