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Students at Work in European Enterprises through Training PLUS
Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The SWEET+ proposal is the result of the partnership between Consorzio Scuola Comunità Impresa, the sponsoring body and coordinator of the initiative, 13 proponent entities, 11 host/receiving organizations, and will involve 80 students of the fourth year of some higher vocational technical and professional schools of the province of Novara. Novara is placed at the intersection of two major Pan-European Corridors (Corridor 5 and Corridor 24), about 30 km from Malpensa Airport, the main hub of Northern Italy, and 50 km from Milan, the main player in the Expo 2015 event. The area has experienced significant immigration levels and a rising rate of unemployment especially among young people and women; an area that today, particularly influenced by the economic crisis, has an increasing need for effective internationalization strategies at all levels, especially in the training of young people to whom the job world requires addressing the changing circumstances by means of adequate multicultural and international experiences. According to data published by ISTAT 2013 Report, in March 2014 is clear that Novara is the province in Piedmont with the highest number of unemployed (12,4% against the Piedmont average of 10%), higher than the Italian average (12,2%), first province in the Northern for unemployment. The situation gets worse if we consider the youth unemployment rate (15-24 years) registered in province of Novara (40%) and the female inactivity rate for whom Italy is at the last places in EU (48%,5%), underlying to emphasize the troubling persistence of gender differences. For this reason the EU has defined, in the "2013 Report on Employment and Social Developments", that in Italy, with the worsening of the crisis, the risk of falling into a "deep poverty trap" is increasing: it’s necessary to face off the risks of “work poverty”. SWEET+ intends to help young participants with the tools necessary to combat these phenomena, in view of flexibility and mobility "aware", with a positive impact on the society (see section H.1). Objectives: 1. develop the professional standing of the students involved through a work experience abroad qualitatively good, in order to make them more aware of their own abilities and of the international market demand (increase of self-efficacy and communication skills, teamwork, planning and design, collaboration); 2. integrate the skills acquired by the participants at school level, working closely with the partners abroad (receiving organisations and companies), in an ECVET context; 3. train student to enhance their abilities to adapt to new and continuously changing realities, thanks to a significant stay in a context different from the usual cultural, school and family one, educating them about European culture according to the vision of equality in diversity, following the "glocal logic" adopted by the EU to continuously adjust the view of globalization to local realities 4. strengthen the European aspect in education and training in the area of Novara, improving language skills and promoting the exchange of best practices between operators involved in the project, with a positive impact on the local Stakeholders; 5. support families in personal/professional development of their young people in a multicultural context, offering them some opportunities for discussion, guidance and economical support. Expected result: to develop the competitiveness of the professional skills of young individuals from the Novara area that are approaching the job market, in a context that is no longer tied to individual local/national level, but that considers a European outlook of “mobility of brains and talents” by mechanisms of attraction of the excellences, to combat the “brain drain” phenomenon. To this scope, training will be organized through internships abroad of 5 weeks for young students of age 17/19 coming from proponent partner institutions, validated through the use of certificates given to each participant (Europass Mobility document to annex to the Europass CV, with the competences validated through the ECVET. The internships will take place in UK, ES, FR, HU, DE, IE, MT in the year 2015 (project beginning on 01.11.2014): Months / Phases 1-2 months: Phase 1 Start Up; 3-5 months: Phase 2 Selection of candidates; 6-8 months: Phase 3 Preparation of participants; 9 month: Phase 4 Departure of candidates and start of the internship; 10-12 months: Stage 5 End of internships, meetings with the participants, validation of the acquired skills; 1-12 months: Sub Phase A Organization, coordination and management; 1-12 months: Sub Phase B Monitoring and Evaluation; 1-12 months: Sub Phase C Dissemination. Total project period = 12 months



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