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Studenti bez hranic VII
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Mendelova Secondary School Nový Jičín (MSS) is involved as a submitter, a sending organization of the project. Participants in the project are students of 3rd form of MSS from economic and medical branches. Social partner of the project is the Employment office in Novy Jicin, which will work, together with MSS, on the selection of the most suitable work placements so that the result of the internship could be most applicable in the labour market. Intermediary organizations: a) for internships in economic branches: - Swan Training Institute, Dublin, Ireland - GEB, Berlin, Germany - Europroyectos, Granada, Spain b) for internships in medical branches receiving organisation: VITALISE, Chigwell, Essex, U.K. Participants will be placed in enterprises in Berlin, Irish enterprises in Cork, enterprises in Spain and centres of organization Vitalise in England. The aim and needs of the project: The project is proposed to improve working competence and skills of the students who participate in the initial vocational training. The instruments of practical training are focused on working in economic departments of companies and authorities, respectively in medical facilities and on using German, English and Spanish as the only languages of communication. We also introduce quite new innovation of this project consisting of cooperation with local Employment office. The aims of the project: 1) economic branches: according to the concrete specialization there will be provided internships in the enterprise economy (logistics, marketing, accounting, business corespondence, human resources administration, taxation etc.) and problems in practice and using ICT technologies 2) medical branches: managing of assistant help to mentally or physically disabled patients and practising all operations connected to nursing of ill people in medical facilities and within mobile medical care 3) improvement of language skills of the participants and their training for future jobs in the field of economics and nursing 4) communication between receiving enterprises and medical facilities and MSS – results of the mutual cooperation will be evaluated and will form the content of study 5) final students work with plea and evaluation 6) Europass certification for all the participants involved in the internships Time and place of the internships: The intention of MSS is to send trainees from economic branches as follows: 16 students to Ireland (Dublin), 10participants to Germany (Berlin), 10 participants to Spain (Málaga). In addition 10 students from medical branches to the U.K. (Cumbria). All participants will be students of 3rd form and the internship will take place in May 2016 and in May 2017 for 4 weeks.



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