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Student with initiative: vector of energy saving (IPBU.03.01.00-90-701/11)
Date du début: 28 févr. 2014, Date de fin: 30 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aim to solve such specific problems: Lack of institutional support of youth in their energy saving initiatives implementation in the project locations. Insufficiency and lack of practical experience of young leaders hold back successful implementation of energy saving technologies in economy, tourism, small business development. Weak traditions of active youth support and their energy saving ideas promotion. Overall Project objective is to support proactive youth of Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine and Lublin Voivodeship of Poland in the initiation and implementation of innovations and launch of cross-border cooperation in energy saving sector. The project will provide the activities which are developed the new facilities to youth project implementation and technological innovations relating to energy efficiency measures, resource conservation and alternative kinds of energy use. Activities:Network of Youth cross-border cooperation.Creation of a web-platform for the presentation and exchange of ideas of young people in energy saving issues. Database of energy saving institutions. Launch of student exchange program (students and graduates) between universities of two cities in energy saving and promotion of joint research activities in the field. Research and training component of the projectSchool of management, fundraising and leadership RADAR. International Debate Tournament on the energy saving issues. Study tours of Ukrainian youth to Poland and Polish youth to Ukraine. Seminars for school and student youth in energy efficiency capabilitiesPromotion and Education Campaign International Forum of Youth Initiatives. Orientation activities in schools: school graduates meetings with employers and educational institutions representatives operating in the sector of energy saving. TV and radio programs devoted to the energy saving issues and involvement of young people in addressing these matters broadcasted on local channels. Expected Results: 1) One web-platform of Cross-Border Cooperation Network in the energy saving sector among young people is created. The Network will act basing on tripartite agreement (one) of cross-border project partners 2) One joint database of energy saving institutions is available on the Network web-platform; 3) One round table discussion on cross-border youth exchange programs in Ivano-Frankivsk is held;4) 30 participants of the round table from two project locations initiated cooperation between universities of the two cities; 5) one memorandum on cooperation between institutions working in the energy saving sector is signed; 6) 10-day cross-border school RADAR training is delivered; 7) 20 students from Ukraine and 20 from Poland have received the knowledge and skills in management, fundraising and leadership for the development of energy efficiency initiatives within the RADAR training; 8) at least 7 topics in the field of energy saving are discussed within debates; 9) Two regional debate tournaments (20 speakers from Poland and 20 speakers from Ukraine and 50 participants in each regional debate) and one international debate tournament (10 speakers from Poland and 10 speakers from Ukraine and 60 participants); 10) a study about research programs, industrial and energy saving companies in two project locations will be conducted: requests to Universities (app. 20) will be send and representatives of target groups will be interviewed (50 questionnaires) to identify the information and communication specific needs for promotion of energy saving innovations during the exchange programs;11) one study-tour in Poland; 18 participants from Ukraine visited the objects of energy saving, research and development institutions, universities and companies in Lublin Voivodeship and established partnership relations; 12) one study-tour in Ukraine, 18 participants from Poland visited research institutions and development organizations, universities and established partner's relationships in Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine; 13) 2-day International Forum of Youth Initiatives was held within the project; 14) minimum 120 persons took part in International Forum of Youth Initiatives where they familiarized with new ideas in energy saving sphere and set up new contacts; 15) 6 promotional billboards were installed in the crowd places in Ukraine and Poland project area; 16) 1 joint vacancies and job offers database in the field of energy is created and placed on the Network's web-platform; 17) 2 orientation meetings with pupils in at least 4 schools in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk and the same in Lublin organized; 18) at least 10 representatives of employers and universities in Ivano-Frankivsk and 10 employers and representatives of universities in Lublin participated in meetings with pupils; 19) two 30-min TV shows (1 in each location) and 4 radio programs (2 in each locations) broadcasted,20) 11 press releases on the project progress and results are prepared and published; 21) 3 project staff meetings (2 in Ukraine and 1 in Poland) and 8 work group meetings (4 in each target region);22) 4000 booklets (in Polish and Ukrainian) are disseminated among the interested parties; 23) 3000 copies of promotional brochures on the project results (in Ukrainian, Polish and English languages) distributed among the project target groups and stakeholders in energy saving sector; 24) Information sing plates (3 items, one for each Partner) printed;25) Project identification stickers (500 items) printed;26) Project folders (1000 items) printed;27) Project banner (8 items) printed;28) Project promotional pens (600 items) produced;29) Project promotional notebooks (1000 items) produced;30) Project business cards (1200 items) produced;31) 2 seminars for pupils and student from Lublin voivodeship;32) 50 participants will take part on seminars;33) Interactive board game was developed;34) 1000 item of Interactive board game was produced and distributed;35) Electronic edition of the game was developed and placed in the Network of Youth Cross-border Cooperation web page.



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