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Student Support and Development Services
Date du début: 15 oct. 2012,

The project aims to establish in target HEIs from GE/KZ/KG/AZ/IL advanced and up-dated services to students and alumni according to the best European practices, able to meet the challenges of a globalised world. This objective will be achieved by enhancing human resource capacity and infrastructure. After an analysis of the needs and constraints, 30 staff members of PC universities will travel to EU for a two-weeks study visits in order to share experience and know-how for planning and administering services support for Career planning, Student Life Services, Academic guidance and Orientation, Mentoring and mobility. The competence acquired will be discussed and disseminated in the countries in order to design an Action Plan and start the pilot organisation of services in each target university. After the six months pilot stage, all HEIs will share results and present case studies for the identification of the models that best fit with the organisational and decisional local situation. Training sessions and additional workshops will be organised by the EU representatives to assist the PC universities in designing and proposing strategic plans and future development of SSDS. The project will also develop a web site that will not only be used by the partnership for the project results development and assesment, but will also offer , in local languages and in English, all the documents, as student survey, methodology, tools, reports, training materials, handbooks and case studies for a wide dissemination of project aims and results and the involvement of students, relevant a stakeholders from all the countries involved. The project evaluation and the direct involvement of students will provide the opportunity for a better focus on the Action Plan, develop the quality culture and put the basis for a continuous international cooperation for the up-date and improvement of the strategy and methodology and the start up of further future activities.



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