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Student Journalism and Entrepreneurship
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project we will use student journalism to enhance youngsters' creativity and entrepreneurship . By doing this, they will be able to improve new solutions at the micro level for youth unemployment. We focused on entrepreneurship for the solution of unemployment so we have chosen student journalism for application. In this way, we can realize our potential, discover and develop our skills. Aims of the Project:The general aim of our project is to contribute solution of youth unemployment by enhancing their creativity, entrepreneurship and the ability to make comments by student journalism.Our objectives;-To increase youngsters’ entrepreneurship by giving them active roles-To reveal their creativity with student journalism-To teach youngsters how to analyze issues from different perspective-To enable them to realize their own creativity.-To increase youngsters’ motivation to create new business ideas-To improve youngsters’ skills of making comment-To increase youngsters’ motivation to to find job by developing their creativity and entrepreneurship skills-To disseminate good applications among youngsters-To increase cooperation among institutes which work in the youth field.The number of participants and participant profiles:Participants will come from 7 countries and 63 participants will take part in the Youth Exchange. Also, one person will be the team leader from each country. Participants will be youngsters between 18-30, student groups and youngsters who think that they will not be able to find any job after graduation and for this reason they do researches to eliminate this issue. Some of the selected young participants usually take very little political responsibility and they participate social problems less. Each group there will be participants who have disadvantages in the sense of social and economic.Description of the methodology to be used and activities:Ice breakers, group dynamic games, energizer, interview, presentation, individual researches, brain storming, telling a story, lectures, question – answer, discussion, comments, practical training, situation analysis and evaluation methods will be used in the activities.Orientation, Erasmus+ presentation, student journalism and news, training about news types, training about photojournalist and photography techniques, six square study, cultural night, side visit, the NGO fair, school newspaper, product analyzing, dissemination and evaluation via social media studies will be made.Expected results and a brief description of the effects:Youngsters’ creativity, activism and entrepreneurship will develop. Participants will learn how they will do research, their questioning skills will improve, they will learn how to analyze issues from different perspective, their comment skills will improve and they will learn how to prepare student newspaper. They’re going to have ability to work in group, their language and expression skills will improve by increasing their self-confidence. They will improve awareness about current events. This will allow them to be more active in their life. Their team skills will develop and cooperation will develop in Europe-wide. Not only participants, but also local people will develop cultural awareness. Benefits of the Project in a long term :Youngsters’ creativity, making comment, practical thinking, analyzing issues from different perspective and entrepreneurship skills will improve and their self-confident will increase. Youngsters who develop entrepreneurship aspects will use opportunities they will face during their life. Cooperation will increase both at national level and international level between the institutes which work for youth. Finally, to contribute to create European society tolerant and respectful to each other, also it will create the idea of European citizenship in a long term.



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