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STS Education models to transmit to society the challenge of global change in the ocean
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EDUCO2CEAN project is promoted by Portuguese Association for Environmental Education – ASPEA (Portugal), the International Campus of Excellence - Campus do Mar (Spain), the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology of Scotland, the Portuguese National Agency for Scientific and Technologic Culture – Ciência Viva, the secondary education centres IES Virxe do Mar and Ribeira do Louro (Spain) and the CARETAKERS OF THE ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL (Poland). The plan is to experiment with STS education models, elaborated to be applied across the EU to achieve the transference to society of the importance of research related to the impact and mitigation of climate change in the seas and oceans. The project has a special focus on the Atlantic Ocean and the comparison with the Baltic Sea and takes advantage of the leadership being adopted by the EU in this area of knowledge. EDUCO2CEAN has the objective of promoting student's interest for knowledge about and study of the oceans, to support their ability to communicate their personal commitment to the challenges of sustainable management of the seas, climate change and reducing the impact of CO2, giving them an active and leading role. These objectives will be sought through the direct involvement of young people in the process of creating and transmitting content. Furthermore, the aim is to transfer this knowledge to general society via non-conventional channels and these students, because of their youth, creativity, formative stage of life, enthusiasm and commitment to a better future, will provide a fresh and involved look at the challenges of conservation and sustainability of the seas, thereby contributing to public awareness raising.Through the involvement of the students in a process which will improve their communication skills, the project aims to transfer to general society idea of the importance of research into the impact, adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the ocean, at the levels of basic, secondary and university education, and generating collaborations and synergies between all stakeholders in the education system.To establish this collaborative network of teachers and students across countries in various regions and at different latitudes on the Atlantic and Baltic Sea which will allow comparison of local impact to find common denominators and differences, EDUCO2CEAN considers that the training of teachers in innovative methodologies is essential as this will allow them to increase their knowledge relating to the cutting-edge science relating to climate change in the oceans and to increase their capacity to develop basic competences in their students through the introduction of this knowledge into the curriculum. It will also provide teachers with complementary materials and support which will help them work on this content with their students in the classroom in a fast, efficient manner. This strategic group was created with the objective of supporting this methodology and to gradually keep adding members among educational communities that will allow them to face new challenges and develop more products which will help increase the students’ awareness and their commitment to transmit their message and knowledge to society, becoming ambassadors of sustainability and the reduction of the CO2 footprint in the oceans.



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