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Structured Dialogue: Building the Future Together
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "" Structured Dialogue : Building the future togther "" aims to raise awareness among politicians Spanish and European representatives on the need for a change in youth policies . The unemployment rates of Spain and Extremadura are well above the average of Europeans contries. In work societies, as European society, the lack of employment doomed young people to social exclusion. Today speaking of a lost generation. The solution to these problems may be found in the political. For this reason, we arise to make a project of structured dialogue among young people and political representatives in a context of regional and national elections to be held next year in Spain. The project aims to change the youth agenda of the political parties and their electoral programs incorporating the youth demands about Youth Guarantee , Education and Young Entrepreneurship and Employment. Therefore the project arises three activities with the presence of partners from Finland, which has been active in Youth Guarantee programs ; Italy with the presence of an organization that bases its work on education for development through non-formal education ; and Germany , where youth unemployment is the lowest in the EU. The partners will contribute to the activity with a group composed of 4 participants: young and 1 political representative. The expected impacts are: - Increase participation of young Europeans. - Incorporate knowledges and experiences in participation among young people from different countries of the EU - Incorporate to local, regional and national legislation the existing tools on youth empowerment in other European countries. - Modify the regional, national and European political agenda to offer real solutions to the problems of youth. - Increase the kwoledge and experience of young people in political participation processes and structured dialogue techniques. - Improve the reputation of regional, national and european political institutions. - Increase knowledge about the states of Europe and eradicate the use of stereotypes about the cultural patterns of the countries of the EU - Strengthen and increase cooperation capacity and networking of European youth organizations. - Improve the management capacity of social skills and emotional intelligence of young - Activate the leadership role of young Europeans as agents of social and economic change. The long-term benefits of the project generate health improvement democratic Europe and the reputation of public institutions and politicians. Impact on increasing the transparency of the democratic system and strengthens civic life of young Europeans . The project provides confidence in political institutions and political representatives as defenders of the common good . Mobilize values such as solidarity and respect for the problem and needs of socially excluded groups . It reinforces the belief in European integration project as civic coexistence among peoples. Such projects add much value to young people in particular and European societies in general, as it improves their knowledge and skills ; improve their public behavior and changes its scale assuming more democratic , tolerant and respectful values with the natural, social and political environment values.



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