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Strong citizenship education for strong civil society
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project consists of four activities targeting trainers in civic education, youth workers as well as representatives of various sectors of the civil society. Activities complement each other by reaching the multiplicators having impact on the quality of youth work and civic education on various levels:- strengthening the international network of trainers in the field of non-formal citizenship education for youth in order to help them exchange methods, tools and experiences working with youth in more diverse European societies.- further professional development of trainers and youth workers, giving them a strong theoretical basis in citizenship education which will help them further adapt their approach in line with the values of citizenship education but embracing the cultural differences of their target groups and adapting the existing methods to suit their specific needs- targetting the learning supervisors supporting the professional development of new trainers, lead them through an in-depth reflection of their own learning and training process for higher quality trainings and youth work in their organisations- bringing together trainers,youth workers and actors of civil society with other stakeholders, representatives of different sectors, such as local authorities, social innovators and social enterpreneurs, searching for a common trans-sectoral solution to the increased need to include new groups into European societies, without losing values Europe is standing onThe main objective of the project is to actively contribute to strengthening of civil society in the participating countries by strengthening the important actors serving as multipliers in civic education and connecting stakeholders from various sectors impacting civil society in a constructive interaction bringing synergy effects.Complementing the main objective, our project aspires to provide for these four sub-objectives:1. constant further learning of the trainers in the field of non-formal citizenship education2. creating a platform for trainers in citizenship education to exchange professional experiences, innovative approaches as response to the current challenges, tools and methods adapted to the new trends among young people3. supporting the work of new trainers in the field by training more experienced trainers to serve as learning supervisors for them, helping them identify professional development priorities and achieving them4. creating a platform for all stakeholders impacting the development of civil society to meet, inspire each other by real innovative examples of inclusion and dealing with diversity in their societies, come up with cross-sectoral solutions to current challengesThese objectives, which are overlapping with MitOst Association’ and its partner organizations network needs, are reflected in the following project activities:1. International market of experiences for trainers in the field of non-formal citizenship education: (2.-4.10., 40 participants, Tbilisi, Georgia)2. European Forum – Active Citizenship on Diversity and Inclusion (5.-8.10.2016, 50 participants, Tbilisi, Georgia)3. Advanced training for trainers: (28 participants, 17.-20.11.2016, Istanbul, Turkey)4. Meeting of Learning Supervisors: (18 participants, 7.12. – 9.12., Berlin, Germany) The results of the project will be:- well-functioning international trainer pool of 40 trainers in the field of non-formal citizenship education where trainers support each other in their professionalisation, exchanging experience, tools and methods- 28 trainers will gain profound knowledge on theory of citizenship education and its practice in European as well as the neighbouring countries, being able to apply the theory when adapting the existing methods to suit the changing needs of youth in more and more diverse European societies-18 learning supervisors will learn and exchange methods for improving the quality of support for the new trainers in the field of citizenship education, helping them set and achieve their professional development goals for the benefit of the target groups- 50 representatives of organisations, trainers, youth workers and representatives of other sectors of society will be equipped with best practices and innovative methods of benefiting from diversity and fostering inclusion in youth work, civic activism and other spheres.The project will bring positive impact in increasing the quality of youth work, civic engagement and trainings in non-formal citizenship education by better qualification of trainers and other multipliers, supporting the partner organisation in organising more inclusive activities, embracing diversity, using improved methods and tools, as well as social innovation practices. In the long run, the project contributes to the targets of Europe 2020 plan by increasing the employability of young people by increasing the qualification of trainers and learning supervisors in non-formal ed. programms.



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