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String Phenomenology at the Era of LHC (STRINGPHENOATLHC)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The field of research in this project is string theory and the associated phenomenological effects. The applicant aims, on one hand, to investigate how the Standard Model is embedded in orientifold vacua of string theory and establish the low energy theories of such vacua and, on the other hand, to analyse phenomenological implications of such embedding in view of new experimental data expected from LHC at CERN.The way that Standard Model is embedded in string vacua is one of the most important open problems in string theory and progress in this direction will open the Pandora’s box for the phenomenological implications of such vacua.In the framework of D-brane compactifications, the applicant aims to focus on the analysis of non-perturbative effects, (non-) abelian discrete gauge symmetries, moduli stabilization and low string scale scenarios. Main focus will be the phenomenological implications of these aspects of D-brane compactifications, especially in the light of experimental data recorded at LHC.The field of research involved in this proposal is String Phenomenology, which is stronger in Europe compared to other areas worldwide. It is to the advantage of Europe to keep the leading position in this field, whose input will come from a European centre (CERN) through LHC, the largest experimental project of all times that records exciting data at this moment by the first report on the existence of the Higgs particle.Until now, the applicant has shown skill, perseverance and independence and within the stimulating environment of a top institute like II. Institute of Theoretical Physics of Hamburg University he will get the final touches in his professional maturity and will be capable of qualifying for a tenure track faculty position in an academic institution in Europe.