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Strik historien sammen
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

With this project Rite Highschool supporting group want to contribute to the development of design and knitting traditions. "Rite High School" is located in the southern poor part of Latvia. We have experienced that in Latvia there is a treasure trove of living history dating back to the 10th century. It is found in women's knitted mittens even in small urban areas in Latvia. We want the school which is inspired by Grundtvigs thinking, to develop courses in these historic knitting patterns as well as the historical significance of the individual elements in the mittens. We would like to draw inspiration a peripheral region in Norway of how they have maintained similar traditions . At Husflidslaget in Finnmark, we want to exchange experiences on teaching methods and pedagogy. We then hope that we will be able to make a small course with historical mittens for the younger participants at the school in Latvia, so that the tradition is maintained and put into a local history and Nordic/Baltic Sea context. This mobility was the first phase with a visit to Finnmark Husflid. Participants were Lisbeth Andersen, 70 years old, laboratory technician and teacher of knitting technique and Niels Bendix Knudsen, 73 years old, superintendent of Rite Højskole in Latvia and chairman of the group of Supporters. We visited "Grenseland museum" in Norway, which contributed historical and traditional knitting activities through their collections and we visited Pasvikdalens husflidslag, Neiden strikkelag and Østsamisk museum and Husflidconsultant and Graveniid maskinstrikkeri in Karasjok. We showed examples of Latvian and Danish knitwear and saw Norwegian knitwear in various patterns and techniques. We exchanged knitting books. We visited active older people with knowledge of local knitting techniques and patterns. We could talk and discuss without language difficulties, because we understood each other's language. We fully achieved our goals. Both organizations have got ideas and inspiration and opportunities to develop further courses. We got an insight into other craft techniques, we saw and learned much about the Sami culture and lifestyle in the borderland between Norway, Russia and Finland. We've gotten good input to start on a description of a course content about historic knitting tradition. We have collected relevant materials and photographic documentation of activities and a number of contact addresses, we would like to work on. The visit confirmed to us that there is potential to develop a partnership in craft design across the Baltic Sea. All the parties have subsequently expressed their interest in a continued partnership in form of some type of network. This could possibly lead to a future development project inside the area of design, textile and crafts in the countries around the Baltic Sea. The proceeds will initially be distributed on courses at Rite College summer 2016