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Strengthening the industries’ competitive position by the development of a logistical and technological system for “spare parts” that is based on on-demand production (DirectSpare)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2009, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposal offers a solution for the growing quantity of product types on the market requiring enormous warehouses to keep stock for spare parts, with corresponding high costs and complex logistics. This emerging problem is caused by the continuously decreasing product life time, decreasing time-to-market and increasing regulatory affairs. A solution is foreseen using Rapid Manufacturing (RM) technology, enabling economically viable, one-off manufacturing on demand. The full DirectSpare business model allows for manufacturers to rapidly produce only those spare parts that are required, at a location close to the equipment that needs to be repaired. This leads to the following advantages of DirectSpare and objectives of this project: • Aiming at this way of spare part supply, companies (especially SME’s) can keep or increase their competitive position. The step to introduce new products is made smaller because the compulsory spare parts supply becomes easier by the on-demand technology. This as alternative to stock supplied by high-volume production from low wage countries. • Huge cost reduction can be achieved on stock warehousing, such as warehouse building space, part depreciation costs, warehouse energy (light, heat), storage of tools, and the high start up costs for conventional part manufacturing. • Huge waste reduction as a large part of the stock will be destroyed in the end anyway because conventional volume manufacturing always exceeds the required quantity. • Huge environmental profit as conventional manufacturing of small quantities requires relatively high energy resources. • The decreasing product-life-cycle is not limited anymore by the corresponding warehouse characteristics. • Local service providers ensure local (EU) employment. • Before manufacture, a defect part will be improved to lengthen the spare parts’ life. The spare part can even be individualised for the specific user, usage and environment.



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